July 15, 2024

Doctor, I have this

Four dangerous symptoms that can cause serious illnesses. Failure cycle for a couple of days, chest pain, a few pimples on the face or weight does not decrease despite efforts. Every woman faced at least one of these problems.

But how many people listened to the unobtrusive signals of their bodies? Most of us ignore the slight changes in the functioning of the body. “The sore is small, but the disease is great,” they repeat after the doctor’s folk wisdom.

The SHE correspondent discussed with the doctors common symptoms that do not attract much attention, but may be a sign of serious health problems.

Unbeatable fat

People with excess weight are often condemned for laziness and unwillingness to work on themselves. But sometimes even grueling workouts and a strict diet do not allow you to win a fight with unwanted pounds. “Usually this is due to insulin resistance. Due to improper nutrition, the body becomes insensitive to insulin, metabolism is broken, obesity develops.

Fat in this case is localized in the upper part of the body: the legs and thighs are normal, but on the stomach and waist in excess, “- says endocrinologist of the medical center” Avicenna “Natalia Yumasheva. Even starvation does not help to lose weight to such a sick person. But this does not mean that excess weight is invincible. Just a strategy to combat it needs to be slightly adjusted.

The first goal is not to expel fat from the territory it has conquered, but to improve metabolism. “The doctor will prescribe treatment with drugs to restore sensitivity to insulin. There are many, and you can choose quite inexpensive. Of course, treatment includes both diet and sports, “explains Natalia Yumasheva.

And a strict menu – a hungry life on salads and grapefruits – will not help. The food should be healthy.

Products like chips and Coca-Cola need to declare a moratorium and say goodbye to fried potatoes and Belyashas. A renounce the bread and cereals is not worth it: cereals are necessary for the restoration of metabolism.

When it is normalized, there will be no need for a grueling war with fat. It is enough just to keep the defense with an active lifestyle and healthy eating. But remember: the kilograms that have left without any effort are also not a reason to rejoice and dance on the scales. “If a person has dropped even two kilograms, without changing his diet, the routine of life – and without any reasons he has lost his appetite, fatigue, aversion to meat or other kinds of food, we always assume serious problems, for example, the development of stomach cancer” , – says MD, head of the first surgical department of the Road Clinical Hospital Vladimir Anischenko.

The face in the buds

If you believe advertising, an unexpected pimple is a tragedy in the life of a woman: with a pink “bud” (so poetic their French name) on the face the girl can not even say hello to a friend she likes. In reality, women are not so complex. But acne still can be a problem. Not with a man, but with health. If you have left the puberty for a long time, and the buds continue to blossom regularly on the face, back or décolleté zone, then the disease broke the garden in your body.

“This may be a symptom of diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tick, parasitic or endocrine diseases. Although this happens, and purely skin disease or problems that arise with improper skin care, “- says the therapist of the center of family medicine” Zdravitsa “Elena Baranova.

If the parasite analysis is normal, the dermatologist did not find skin problems, and the number of “buds” on the body and face still exceeds the “prychnenormu”, then you need to check the testosterone level.

“Very often, problem skin in adult women is the result of increased production of male hormones in the ovaries. This is a very serious issue, not only from the aesthetic point of view. After all, the disease will progress further: tighter hair will appear over the lip, on the chin, the skin will become more oily. And if you do not do treatment, the woman is even threatened with infertility, “says Natalia Yumasheva.

Cyclic jumps The
failure of the menstrual cycle does not cause anxiety in women: a couple of days earlier or later, what’s the difference? For gynecologists this question is not rhetorical.

“If the monthly came in strictly certain periods, but suddenly there was an advance for five days, then this may be a sign of uterine myoma, endometriosis or the appearance of polyps,tells the head of the gynecology department of the CKD Lyudmila Daychman. That’s why gynecologists insist on keeping a calendar of menstrual cycles. If the “red days” are late, then it is worth checking the work of the ovaries.

“We need to look, whether there is a cyst there, whether the follicles are ripening, whether there are any problems with the hormones secreted by the pituitary gland,” explains Lyudmila Daychman.

Breast disruptions

To ignore the pain in the chest, most women use the argument: “Before the monthly it’s normal. ” Gynecologists do not approve of such frivolity. Unpleasant sensations in the chest are often associated with breast swelling in the premenstrual period. This in itself is not dangerous. “But if the pains are strong, combined with increased emotionality, a bad mood or a decline in performance, then this is PMS.

And it needs to be treated, “said the doctor obstetrician-gynecologist at the Clinical Diagnostic Center. A. P. Gumilevsky Larissa Nechaeva. In her opinion, for pain in the chest, not associated with the cycle, you need to pay special attention. This can be a symptom of mastopathy. And women 40 years and older – even breast cancer. About the development of the tumor can speak bloody discharge from the chest.

“Allocations can also resemble milk. This is a symptom of hyperprolactinemia: a disease associated with impaired production of the hormone prolactin in the pituitary gland. It leads to serious disruptions in the body, even to infertility, “- explains Larisa Nechaeva. Often, excretions appear in small amounts and only when pressing on the nipple. Symptoms rarely give a sick woman a discomfort, so they diagnose hyperprolactinemia is often too late – when conception of a child becomes a serious problem.

“If the disease is not captured at the beginning, then belated funds are useless,” said Ovid. Since then, medicine has made a million steps forward. The chances for recovery from many diseases are much higher in our country than among the contemporaries of the Roman poet. However, even now, the sooner you learn about the problem, the easier and cheaper the treatment. Be vigilant, but not hypochondriac.

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