Do these also count as Christmas movies?

As the holiday season wraps up, let’s resurrect the most annoying argument that intensifies every year: Is this a Christmas movie?

The number one movie that causes that argument is Die Hard and while I’m not going to weigh in on that one, I’ll say that Die Hard kicks all kinds of ass and is one of the best action movies of all time. So to make the argument even worse, here are even more ambiguous films to pile on to the “Is this a Christmas movie” debate.

Batman Returns

You know, I’ll give this movie some credit. There’s quite a bit of snow on the ground throughout, and the Penguin does give a speech in front of a Christmas tree. With those bits in mind, I’m sure there’s an argument to be made.


This is an obscure one to say the least. If you’ve never heard of this movie, just imagine what would happen if the former members of Monty Python got together to make their own version of 1984. And they had an R-rating. It’s fucked up, and it takes place during the Christmas season! One of the villains is literally dressed as Santa, so fuck it. This one counts dammit.

Eyes Wide Shut

Yep. This fucked up weird bit of filmmaking from one of cinema’s most notorious filmmakers is blatantly set during Christmas.

Which… Yeah. If you’ve actually managed to sit through this, you know how weird that really is.

Rocky IV

This one is ambiguous mostly because of the fact that only the finale really brings Christmas into the proceedings, but the “Christmas miracle” style victory during that finale gives the movie some holiday spirit? I actually think this is the most ambiguous one.

Shane Black movies

And here’s the guy who’s the most responsible for this phenomenon. Shane Black is a screenwriter/director who’s been around for a hot minute (that’s him in Predator, his acting career wasn’t super long). But he wrote some of the best/most famous action movies in the business, and for some reason, he felt compelled to set most of them during Christmas. Without commentary, here are some of his movies set against the holidays:

Lethal Weapon

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Iron Man 3

The Nice Guys

Yeah. He’s got a thing for Christmas, which puts all of these movies in the running.

Enjoy arguing with friends about them, and for fun, try and come up with even more movies. Because the “is this a Christmas movie” debate never dies, it simply evolves.

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