June 19, 2024

Do not wear anti-cellulite pants

Interview with fitness director of Remix club about choosing a suitable training, proper nutrition and weight loss by summer. Despite the cold spring, we are already looking forward to the hot summer and running around the shops in search of the most stylish swimsuit.

But in order to put on a beautiful swimsuit to a no less beautiful body by the summer, it’s better to run a shopping trip to the gym in the gym. Most girls understand this, and therefore in the city’s fitness clubs in the spring, the number of clients always increases. Beginners tend to burn with enthusiasm, but are lost in the huge choice of sports programs and recommendations of nutrition experts.

And, without seeing the result, they quickly lose interest in studies. How to prevent this, choose the appropriate training and make them more effective, correspondent SHE told the fitness director of the club “Remix” Tatyana Boyarkina.

Today, fitness clubs offer a large selection of training. How to start a newbie?

First of all, one must proceed from their emotional predisposition. Someone more like soft fitness, such as yoga and pilates, someone is more interested in dance or strengths. Ideally, the physical load should be balanced, that is, combine different types of activities. But in order to get involved, feel your body, I recommend starting with mild fitness. If the task is to lose weight, it can be aqua aerobics, it is more active than yoga and pilates, but it tones all the muscle groups and, unlike, for example, steppe, less stresses the joints.

How often do you need to work and how to increase the load correctly?

It takes so much to make it fun, not torture. A typical mistake for beginners: they light up and spend 4-5 days a week at the club. To begin it is necessary from two times a week, to lead muscles in a tone from within, that then smoothly to increase loading. Gradually, you should add one active workout per week, preferably if it is interval training, that is alternating cardio and force load with a low weight.

What kind of training program should you choose for those who want to lose weight?

Fats burn only cardio – it’s running, swimming, dancing, step aerobics. During this training, a little sneeze should appear – the first indication that aerobic work is in progress, you do not have enough air, you consume more oxygen, which, by oxidizing fats, burns them.

But you do not need to bring yourself to such fatigue, when breathing becomes intermittent – from that moment you consume less oxygen, carbonic acid accumulates, fat burning does not happen anymore.

Fat begins to burn after 35-40 minutes of work, so it’s better to work the hour in a moderate mode than to lose power after 20 minutes.

And how to be the one who wants to get better on the contrary?

In sports, talking about weight gain is possible only as an increase in muscle mass. If you want to create a relief, it is better to go to the gym and select a special food based on protein foods. In fitness halls we work with very little weight, which helps to bring muscles into tone, but does not contribute to their build-up. But this does not mean that slimming people need to fully focus on cardio training, and those wishing to recover – on the power. Everything should be balanced.

How to choose the right clothes and shoes for sports?

It is not necessary to save on sports shoes, you need to buy it in a specialized store. For example, when practicing step, it is very important that shoes have a high heel with a special damping material. Otherwise, in a few months you will simply remain without knee joints. Clothing should be primarily comfortable. The only thing I do not welcome is the use of anti-cellulite pants, shorts, belts during classes. This gives a huge strain on the heart, as thermoregulation is disturbed, it is harder for you to move and breathe.

How long does it take to not eat before and after a workout?

Optimal to eat for an hour and a half, better carbohydrates to get energy. Some coaches are against eating before training, but I believe that if there are no forces after work to go into the gym, it is better to eat a piece of chocolate for energy and go in for work than to skip training at all.

After classes, losing weight people better not have a couple of hours: during training we do not lose weight, and we start the body like a clock, and it loses weight in the next two hours.

If you just want to bring the muscles into tonus, you can safely eat after training, from this you will not get well.

Do I need to drink during a workout? There is an opinion that those who do not drink lose weight more quickly.

This is a very big mistake. To expel water from the cells does not mean to lose weight, besides, it will necessarily return after the first sip of water. During training, you must drink. First, you prolong your threshold of endurance and can work more efficiently, secondly, water accelerates the metabolism and oxygen flows faster to the cells.

Exercises are effective only if they are performed correctly. How to determine that you do everything as you need?

When the coach shows the exercise, he explains how to do it, in what position should be different parts of the body and, most importantly, what muscle should be strained. For example, if you make the upper twisting of the press and at the same time your neck strains, then you are doing it incorrectly. The instructor knows for no reason that the chin should look up, that between him and the breastbone it is necessary to clamp an apple. This should be treated very carefully, try to visualize for yourself the process, imagine how the muscle works, monitor the position of the joints, breathing. Over time, you will learn to control the movements and do everything right.

More often than not, people drop out if they do not see the result for a long time. When should it be visible?

Most often the result is dissatisfied with those who come in May and want to lose ten kilograms by the summer. But in order to lose weight, consolidate it forever due to increasing the percentage of muscle mass and reducing fat, and not due to a hungry diet, it takes months and even years of systematic training in conjunction with proper nutrition. To this you need to be ready. Make a plan for classes so that they are in a fun, bored hall – go to the pool or dance. Increase the load gradually, change the set of exercises to make the muscles work differently. Then there will necessarily be a result.

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