Do not sleep – you will freeze

Standing in anticipation of transport at a stop, it is difficult to warm up – it is much more effective not to have time to leave the bus and try to catch up with it.

Of course, in anticipation of a romantic meeting on the street you can perform elements of warming gymnastics, but it is better to use other simple methods of keeping the heat. Alas, how to eat right and keep health in the winter cold, they know a few.

And if they do, they do not rush to put on a down jacket covering the fifth point, and they think that woolen pantyhose under the trousers will necessarily be fattened. About whether it is worth it in the cold to eat more hot and greasy or to sit on diets and how best to take care of the skin, the correspondent of SHE recognized.

What to eat, how to dress and what to be protected in the winter Siberian colds

In the sheepskin coat warmer

The most stressful for the body in the winter is not the cold itself, but sudden temperature changes, which especially affect people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. According to doctors, plus strong frosts – an opportunity to stop the increase in the number of cases of acute respiratory infections. Because in people who make fast running cold people communicate less, walk and meet in the air.

If you go out into the street at least later to get to work, it’s worth remembering the capital, but forgettable truths. In the cold season, you do not need to go in trousers and skirts with a low waist, wear short jackets and shoes on a thin sole. According to Valentina Privezentseva, gynecologist of the Center for Family Medicine “Zdravitsa”, there has not been a dramatic increase in the number of complaints. In general, however,

“If after cooling you notice pain in the lower abdomen, frequent urination, pain and rezi when urinating, painful than usual, or pain during sexual intercourse, it is necessary to turn to a gynecologist, urologist, recommends Valentina Privezentseva. After coming from the street, it’s best to take a warm shower, wear woolen socks and drink hot tea with lemon.

Zhirnenky and degree

However, just before going out, nutritionists do not recommend drinking hot tea, as there is too hot or too heavy food. Abundant and fatty food is difficult to digest, so the gastrointestinal tract is surcharged with more blood, which leads to a change in the blood supply of the extremities. “With the use of hot or” hot “beverages and dishes, peripheral vessels expand, heat exchange with the environment increases, and you lose some of the heat. But on arrival from frost it is quite justified to get warm with hot food or tea “, – explains the dietician of the Siberian Federal Center for Healthy Nutrition Olga Poznyak.

Contrary to the widespread misconception that in winter the body spends more energy than in the summer, this is not so. The body really spends more energy on thermoregulation, but in the winter the main metabolism slows down. When it’s warm outside, we often walk, walk and just go out into the open air. In winter, the desire to get into the room increases – at best sitting, and ideally – lying or reclining on the couch. And to drink at the same time is not just tea, but tea with delicious. “Early onset twilight contributes to the growth of melatonin production – a sleep hormone or a depression hormone,” warns Olga Poznyak. – The hormone of pleasure and activity of serotonin, on the contrary, becomes less. Therefore, in order to avoid seasonal depression, it is important to be as much as possible in the fresh air and most importantly – in the sun. ”

Low-protein diets at this time of year are impossible. “Of course, you need to eat meat, because the need for protein is preserved – they are needed by our immune system. There is also a need for fats, but it is better to eat vegetable fats and fish. Since the first barrier before the cold is the skin, there is a growing need for the protective properties of vitamins C and A beneficial to it. They are useful for blood circulation and for the immune system as a whole.

Therefore, you should eat sauerkraut, citrus fruits and vegetables of orange, yellow and red colors: carrots, pumpkins, peaches, apricots, persimmons, sea buckthorn, sweet peppers, “says Olga Poznyak. 

Whims of the skin

The impact of icy winds, frost and snow can spoil even the best skin. Since it is to the cold that it is most sensitive: for one square centimeter there are more than 20 receptors reacting to the cold, and only 3 for heat. In winter, due to the decrease in air humidity, evaporation of moisture from the surface of the skin increases, it becomes dehydrated and begins to peel off. In addition, the activity of the sebaceous glands, which nourish and protect the skin, sharply decreases in the frost. Because of sudden temperature changes, the load on the vessels increases, redness appears, blood supply worsens.

In sharp contrast to the conditions on the street, we find ourselves in offices – when the heating system is operating, the skin, hair and nails are dried, which requires additional moistening and nutrition. Only special care and touching care will allow our skin to overwinter in comfort.

“If the skin of the face, hands is very cold, do not rub it with snow. Massage your cheeks and nose with pinching, pressing movements. For protection and nutrition use modern means of a basis under a make-up, – Marina Shipulina, the doctor-dermatologist of clinic “Avanta-honey” tells. – It is important to use nutritious masks before going to bed, frequent peelings are not recommended, and winter cosmetics should be specialized and contain lipid-ceramides and fatty acids that prevent aging. ” If force majeure still forces you to go outside, remember that protective creams from frost, wind and sharp changes in temperature should be applied at least an hour before the exit, and hygienic lipstick reliably protects the lips from the “kisses” of the wind.

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