This Lefties Candle Smells Like “the Weird Scissors”

This candle has a preschool paste jar scent but jokes that it smells like “the weird scissors” that just never seem to work. We’re also willing to bet there are hints of never winning in Mario Kart because your controller is rigged for right-handed winners, and like smudges of pencil marks across a notebook (and your hand) as you go against the grain.

It has a burn time of about 60 hours, and the label features the hilarious phrase, “Can’t you like, be normal or something?”

This one goes out to all the lefties out there who know the pain of always being forgotten. Yep, if you are left-handed and know what it’s like to constantly bump elbows with people, sit at awkward desks, and try using tools not built with you in mind, Whiskey River Soap Co.’s got your back.

The company decided to do something for lefties that almost nobody else ever seems to do: see us. Their Lefties Candle ($24) is specially curated for the 10 percent of the world who just can’t seem to catch a break.

It makes for the perfect lighting for dinners in, during which you’ll bump elbows with your guests at least six times when you both go to take a bite to eat. In truth, it might be the only thing made just for you, because candles don’t care what hand you use to light them with.

The best reusable makeup pads to keep your skin (and the planet) clean

We’re all looking for ways to be a bit kinder to our planet. National treasure, David Attenborough, and the adorable baby seals shown frolicking among seas littered with face wipes on Blue Planet have drawn our attention to the extent of the crisis.

We may not be able to change the world overnight, but there are small, individual steps we can take at home to do our bit to offset the problem. Number one on the hit list? Changing our habit towards single-use beauty. The majority of cotton buds, cotton pads and face wipes we buy contain the plastic polypropylene which doesn’t decompose. They enter our landfills or our oceans, and stay there, causing havoc for the wildlife that live there.

While convenient, the way that we dispose of our face wipes has huge ramifications – 93% of sewer blockages are caused by the 9.3 million face wipes flushed down the loo everyday and an investigation of the Thames found that entire riverbeds had been created from the hundreds of thousands of wipes that end up there (a problem seen in rivers around the world).

Given the amount of face wipes we’d personally use throughout our lifetime, a small switch on our part, can in fact make an enormous difference.

Reusable cotton pads are the solution – enabling us to use the same piece of material over 500 times (or for up to a year). And, once you get into the habit, the effort involved is minimal. Throw them into the was along with the rest of your laundry once or twice a week and you’re good to go.

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