April 12, 2024

Discounts & What We’re Buying

If you want to give your interiors a refreshed feel, swapping over your cushion covers is the easiest — and most cost-effective — way to do so, we love this checked design. And as the cold nights draw in, this pleated-shade table lamp will keep your flat feeling nice and cosy.

How to shop the Black Friday sale at H&M sustainably?

H&M hasn’t historically been the most environmentally-friendly shop, but the brand is actively trying to take steps to be more sustainable. Read the finer details and look out for recycled materials, from recycled wool to recycled polyester, as well as organic cotton.

H&M also run a garment collecting programme and has placed recycling boxes in stores globally. Simply take your old clothes — from any brand, and in any condition, into store and hand it over at the till. As a thank you, H&M will then give you a voucher to use towards your next purchase.

It’s easy to get sucked into the Black Friday madness and end up buying things you don’t necessarily want or need. To prevent any unsustainable shopping behaviour, we recommend making a plan in advance so you’re not sidetracked, no matter how good the discount seems. Trust us, your bank account will thank you for it.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an annual shopping event known for its biiiiig sales. Always following the day after Thanksgiving, the American tradition has become popular with retailers in the UK over the past few years too. Often extending throughout the entire weekend and continuing on to Cyber Monday, it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to something that’s usually out of your budget, or get ahead on your Christmas shopping and pick up great gifts for less for everyone on your list from your boyfriend / girlfriend, your bestie, mum, sister, and even your grandparents. Oh, and can’t forget dad!

When is Black Friday?

This year, Black Friday falls on Friday 25 November, with Cyber Monday following on the 28th. You don’t have to wait until Black Friday itself though, as some sites have already started early Black Friday deals.

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