Discontinued products we didn’t realize were gone, that we wish we still had

Those questionably dangerous chemistry kits for kids from the 1950’s and 1960’s. -speaks_in_italics

Strawberry cream savers (I think) they still have the chewables but the hard candies were so good. -SlenderTrash

Vick’s used to make these tablets that you could use in the shower and would steam to help with sinuses. I loved it and I want it back.-ICA2015

Planters Cheese Balls, the ones in the blue can? (gods, I miss those crunchy cheesy balls of joy) -RufMixa555

I went to a bargain store the other day looking for a cheap cassette player. Boy, am I out of touch. Those cassettes from 20+ years ago will have to remain in the shoebox. -bigtimejohnny

Wendy’s spicy nuggets. -InfiniteAwkwardness

Volume knobs that click off, instead of going around forever. -nothalfas

We had Disney popsicles when I was a child, so about 30 years ago. The popsicles each looked like a different Disney character and came in fruit flavors. Goofy and Donald were my favorites. -ReasonablePositive

Brand new 1st party Nintendo 64 controllers. -BlazedSpacePirate

Those Watermelon Laffy Taffy bars that had the candy seeds in them. -rakomad

iPod classic, my old one’s on its last legs and my music library’s too big to fit on anything else. -CaptainTibia

Four Loko with caffeine. Blacking out just isn’t what it used to be. -Peremy_Jiven

I miss the old classic Looney Tunes/Tom Jerry cartoons. The remakes feel… scrubbed, somehow. Hard to describe. -Adingding90

2-XL the talking robot cassette player. Those interactive stories were the voice of my childhood. Not mention that was the only thing that has ever said to me: “Thank You For Turning Me On.” Ah, good times. -Partyboy317

Programs as a product, not as a service. I have need of those programs only a few times a year for personal use, and I would hate having to renew my subscription each time. Fortunately I still have a dinosaur version that is functional and has lasted many years on a single payment. -harumin24

Split screen multiplayer. No longer can I look at the screen and see where you are in the facility. (Goldeneye) No last midget am I able to play with similarly skilled friends and let the insults be between us. It makes no sense to me as I was playing 4x split screen on a 27” tv and that was considered a nice size! Now I have a 65” and it’s wasted on me getting murdered by foul-mouthed children. -qmzx

Peanut butter toast crunch, I believe it’s still available in Canada though. -EscitalopramAnxiety

Over the counter asthma inhalers. Yeah I have asthma, I don’t need to pay a fuckin’ doctor to tell me that. -commandercool86

Clearly Canadian. It may still exist, but not here in the lower, lower 48. Shitty cheap crapass flavored water is still here, but not that. I’ve missed it since 2001. -IAmRedBeard

Dunk-a-roos. It’s clearly the snack of angels, that also have diabetes. -Loktharion

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