Dior Made The Fanciest BMX Bike We’ve Ever Seen

The trend of luxury brands making obscenely priced non-fashion items has been so well documented (including by us!) that perhaps you thought the whole thing would soon blow over and designers would just go back to clothes and bags and stuff. Not so!

Dior is the latest house to take a stab at sticking their name on an otherwise ordinary item, debuting a branded BMX bike that’ll set you back a cool $3,200.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the bike is a limited-edition release of 70 and comes in either black or red. It’s a collaboration with Parisian bike label Bogade and hits select Dior Homme stores December 7, making it the perfect gift for the fashion-conscious man in your life who has literally everything. Except, I guess, a Dior branded bike. Also, just because it’s technically for men, there’s nothing to stop a woman from using it (other than probably your bank account).

The bike was teased on Dior Homme creative director Kris van Assche’s Instagram account back in October, but Patrick Demarchelier moody, black-and-white shots of the bike were released just this week. According to Business of Fashion, the design takes cues from  1990s street culture, a continual source of inspiration for van Assche.

But, I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking, hey, didn’t Balenciaga do this last season? And the answer is yes, Balenciaga did do this last season, crafting a similarly priced bike also emblazoned with their name, albeit not one of the BMX variety. Either way, if you’re in the fashion industry and you’re not copying Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia right now to some degree right now, are you really in the fashion industry?

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