Diet by blood group does not have medical evidence, but will tell you what you can get

Meat or sweets? Is it hot or salty? Most people do not think about where they hate hat cheese and love sausage, knowing full well that the first, unlike the second, is good for health.

However, there was a specialist who linked the benefits of certain products to the blood group and developed a whole system, according to which someone really should give up dairy products in favor of meat, and someone – on the contrary.

Diet for the blood group has already lost its former glory, but there are its adherents claiming a wonderful weight loss and healing from ailments. About whether one can lose weight on a diet by blood group and whether or not she should believe, the SHE correspondent learned.

This system of nutrition was developed by American doctors-naturopathy father and son James and Peter D’Adamo. They suggested that the state of human health is closely related to his blood group.

His assumption was reinforced by personal observations; Statistical studies that prove the effectiveness of this approach (“Eat right for your type”) were not carried out. Which, in fact, confuses most critics, whom Peter D’Adamo relentlessly opposes on his website.

Hunting and agriculture

The creator of the diet highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of representatives of each blood group and gave numerous recommendations on nutrition and weight control, and also drew attention to possible diseases. It is worth noting that information on different Internet portals differs.

Briefly, the recommendations look like this:

• Hunters are people with the oldest, the I blood group.
Strengths: digestive and immune systems.
Weaknesses: allergies, difficult adaptation to changing diets.
Propensity to arthritis, ulcers, allergies.
Recommended: meat, fish, seafood, green tea.
Limit: cereals, except buckwheat. Especially wheat and all products made from it.
For weight control:Exclude fresh cabbage, legumes, wheat, sugar, potatoes.

• Farmers – II blood group; according to D’Adamo, this type arose in the transition to a sedentary lifestyle.
Strengths: good adaptation to changing diet and the environment.
Weaknesses: a weak immune system.
Inclination to oncology, anemia, liver disease, diabetes.
Recommended: full vegetarianism.
Limit: cheese, sour-milk products, orange juice.
For weight control: avoid meat, ice cream, sugar.

• Nomads – III blood type.
Strengths: the immune and nervous systems.
Weaknesses: with a violation of diet – instability to rare viruses and autoimmune diseases.
Propensity to diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune diseases.
Recommended: mixed food.
Limit: buckwheat, wheat, olives, coconuts, tomato juice.
For weight control: avoid chicken, pork, seafood, corn, tomatoes.

• Riddle – so named the doctor of people with IV blood group.
Strengths: a flexible immune system.
Weak sides:a gentle digestive tract, a lack of resistance to microbial infections.
Propensity to oncology, anemia, heart disease.
Recommended: lamb, rabbit, fish, dairy products.
Limit: buckwheat, corn, olives, harsh, sour fruits.
For weight control: avoid red meat, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, wheat and corn.

The Answer of Science
According to this theory, eliminating products that are incompatible with your blood group, you can improve metabolism and, accordingly, get rid of excess weight. The main question to representatives of official medicine is whether to believe this system?

“Representatives of certain blood groups are really most predisposed to the development of certain pathological conditions, says nutritionist Olga Poznyak. – For example, the owners of the I blood group are more predisposed to diseases of the stomach and intestines (gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer disease) because of the tendency to increased acidity of gastric juice, and people with group II blood are less stress-resistant and tend to have a weaker immunity”. However, this does not mean that a person with I blood group will certainly get a sore – a healthy and active lifestyle will reduce the risk of possible diseases to a minimum.

According to Oksana Bragina, a dietician at the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, a diet for blood groups is only a way to draw attention to the problem of unhealthy diets: “There is no official confirmation of the connection between nutrition and the blood group. Another thing is that many theories are being created so that people somehow deal with this problem – everyone decides it in their own way: someone feeds separately, someone – by blood group. ”

“I can not draw any conclusions, it’s more of my personal observations, but when I recommend my patients to give up meat for some period, I notice that it’s harder to refuse those with I blood type. However, I did not conduct any statistical studies, “said Natalia Mogilevskaya, a doctor of Ayurvedic medicine.

It is curious that the lack of statistical data does not frighten not only the followers of Dr. D’Adamo, but also the inhabitants of Japan, who are extremely interested in the blood group, albeit for a different purpose.

They believe that the blood group can tell a lot about the nature of the person – for example, the representatives of the I group are considered resolute and self-confident, the people with the II group are reliable, reliable, but prone to excessive anxiety, free-thinking egoists see the representatives of the third group in Japan, and judicious consider those who have group IV.

Plus to minus

The undoubted advantage of this system is that you are not tied to figures in any way – you do not need to count calories and eat at strictly certain hours. A serious disadvantage is the fact that if you live not in proud solitude and your loved ones have a different type of blood, sticking to such a system is extremely difficult. In addition, a favorite product may be on the unwanted list, which is also unpleasant.

“You need to be able to listen to your body. You can try for a while to exclude from your diet so-called unwanted, but at the same time hotly loved foods and to monitor your overall health and body condition, “suggests Olga Poznyak. – It is possible that it will only get better. ”

As in any other case, fanaticism is not welcomed in this food system. Diet by blood group does not seem to experts to be harmful to health, but there is no evidence of its usefulness either. If there is no desire to take risks, but there is a desire to experiment, you can try.

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