April 24, 2024

Did Hailey Bieber Just Invent Librariancore?

Nowadays, there’s a core trend for basically everything. Gothcore for lovers of the dark aesthetic and copious amounts of black. Barbiecore is for those who want to be pretty in pink like the iconic toy. Kidcore, cottagecore, balletcore — folks have been eager to adopt all of them, particularly on TikTok.

Now, it looks like Hailey Bieber might be leading us into a new era with librariancore.

Okay, okay — we get that cores can be cheesy and unnecessary, but we swear that the all-black look Bieber wore to accept her 2022 WWD Beauty Inc Award on 7 December is far from that. The 2022 Newcomer of the Year awardee wore a floor-length faux fur Saint Laurent coat over a short black dress, with strappy stilettos and winged-tipped glasses.

As far as we’re concerned, it’s those slightly chunky, lightly-tinted glasses — with their soft brown lenses — that make the outfit and pulls the whole chic look together.

The Rhode Beauty founder arrived at the event with her warm brunette hair straightened and parted down the middle. Underneath those lightly-tinted black-framed glasses, Bieber’s radiant glazed-donut skin gleamed. Makeup artist Leah Darcy made sure the model’s neutral glam look was on point for the night with bronzed cheeks and gorgeous uber-glossy lips.

We’re pretty sure Bieber could drink water and practically start a trend, so don’t be too shocked when you see fans trying to recreate the look.

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