There’s an incredible mini washing machine for beauty blenders and we need one now

So when we heard word of a mini beauty blender washing machine, we were definitely intrigued. If, like us, you’re guilty of neglecting to give your makeup sponges a spring clean, a nifty solution could be close by.

Whether it’s an ingenious hair-trimmer to remove rogue split ends, or a wearable meditation device that helps achieve that elusive state of mindfulness, there are days we wonder how we’d ever survive without our nu-gen beauty gadgets.

We should probably start by disclosing that the mini washing machine, which came to our attention when beauty blogger Tiffany Lynette Davis uploaded a video to her Instagram, is a children’s toy, not a high-tec gadget.

The toy in question is an adorable tiny plastic spinner, in a shade of hot pink that’s pure Barbie girl. Even so, it has all the functionality of a regular washing machine, complete with a battery-powered spin cycle and (the best bit) a working hose to drain the dirty water after your wash *squeals*

In the video, Davis adds water into the drum of the machine and adds a squirt of the GlamGlow Gentle Bubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser, before adding her beauty blender. After the spinner has completed its cycle, Davis drains the dirty water with the mini hose. Lasty, she adds fresh water to give the blender a final rinse.

As Davis point out in a full Youtube tutorial, the machine won’t work wonders on heavily soiled makeup sponges, but it’s great for lightly-used beauty blenders that need refreshing – which you should be doing about once a week to guard against grime.

“Would I recommend this for everyday use?,” Davis says in her review. “No. Like I said, this is a toy – this is not a beautyblender or makeup sponge washer so just beware of that when you see sites advertising it as that since I posted this video.

“But you can use it and if you’re extra like me and you like super cute, fun, girly gadgets, then you will love this.”

As if we weren’t already losing our minds, the super cute toy is only £3.99. Ready, set, spin!

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