May 29, 2024

Dhani Found the Perfect-Length Everyday Denim Skirt

I’ve already worn it almost every day since I bought it. A. P. C. Indigo standard denim skirt, $135, available at Ssense or A. P. C.

I’ve never spent much time thinking about finding a denim skirt, but every time I see one in a store, I think, ‘Oh, that would be good to have,’ so I try it on – and there’s always something wrong.

Usually, it’s either so short that bending over or sitting down without my skin touching the seat would be impossible, or it has a frayed hem or excessive distressing that I’m just not interested in.

I’m not sure why I never considered looking at A. P. C. , a known resource for not-overly-distressed denim, but I didn’t until this past weekend when I walked into the brand’s beautiful Melrose Place store and walked out of it moments later wearing my ideal denim skirt. It was also a lot hotter out than I expected, and I’d been wearing jeans.

There’s nothing too remarkable about the skirt: It has a mid-rise (not too high, not too low), is made from a Japanese raw denim that gives it an elevated feel, and it’s just the right length: long enough that I have zero bending over/sitting concerns, and short enough that I can feel summer-y and show a little leg. (Though if you’re in the market for a true mini, the brand has that, too. ) I’m wearing it right now, and have almost every day since I bought it.

It’s a bit stiff now, which I don’t really mind, and I know it will soften over time. I also know that the quality is good and, given that, it’s a pretty good price, too.

A. P. C. Indigo standard denim skirt, $135, available at Ssense or A. P. C.

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