Denim Underwear Exists And We Have So Many Questions

If you’re feeling a bit baffled, you’re not alone. People on social media have a lot of questions, as do we here at the office. How are you supposed to wear denim underwear? Under your clothes, which cannot be comfortable, or exposed? What about VPL? And, whatever the case, wouldn’t these cause intense chafing?

If Y/Project’s Spring-Summer 2019 show is any indication, denim underwear is meant to worn as pants, paired with crop tops, oversized jean jackets, and high heels no less. Daring? Yes. But according to style stars, it’s now acceptable to wear your underwear as outwear.

From asymmetrical jeans to triple waistband jeans to thong jeans, when it comes to confusing denim trends, I thought I had seen it all. But then I came across denim underwear – or, as the Internet is calling them, “janties.” Excuse me while I try to contain my laughter.

Made from 100 percent cotton and cut like cheeky briefs, the Denim Panties designed by Y/Project come complete with a front zipper, button, and belt-loops. The best part? They have pockets. Actual pockets for storing things.

Plus, they say your underwear choices define your mood. If you’re feeling cheeky, the Denim Panties can be purchased here for a cool $315. (Yes, you read that right.) Or, you can get something similar by Yandy at a much more affordable $17.

Trying to be a little more practical with your denim purchases? We got you. Check out these jeans celebrity stylists swear by.

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