July 20, 2024

David Carrick has admitted to being a serial rapist

There is an epidemic of violence against women within our society and our police force. We are not safe. Yesterday (Monday, 16 January) news broke that one of the most prolific sex offenders in modern UK history was a serving Metropolitan police officer.

David Carrick has been revealed as a serial rapist who committed more than 71 serious sexual offences. Despite repeated allegations to the police about Carrick’s conduct – over two decades – he was allowed to continue working in an institution whose motto is “working together for a safer London. ” Ironic, considering more than 170 serving Met Police officers are under investigation for alleged domestic abuse.

David Carrick, whose role was to keep the public safe, pleaded guilty to 24 counts of rape and nine counts of sexual assault, as well as other crimes including verbally abusing women, calling one woman his “slave,” using sexual violence to degrade them, and urinating on some women without consent. He used his power as a badge of impunity to silence and intimidate victims.

The Met has now admitted errors in failing to spot Carrick’s escalating danger during his 20 years of service. I am curious as to how they failed to spot him as a danger when countless women came forward to report his behaviour. Did they “fail to spot” his behaviour or did they choose to ignore it?

The force was told about nine incidents from 2000 to 2021, including alleged attacks or incidents Carrick had with women before the arrest that led to his convictions, but no action was taken.   David Carrick was left free to torture and abuse women as he saw fit.

It’s questionable how he was allowed to join the Met in 2001, given that he had already been reported to the police for malicious communications and burglary, or how he was not the subject of misconduct proceedings, seeing as he received further allegations in 2002 for harassment and assault, and a reported “domestic incident” in 2004. He repeatedly used his power as a police officer to make his victims fearful of him.

This outrageous revelation, unfortunately, did not come as a shock to many. Over the past 24 months alone, we have seen the jailing of officer Wayne Couzens, for the kidnap, rape, and murder of Sarah Everard; the awful exposures of racist and misogynistic conduct at Charing Cross Police station, where officers were found to have joked about rape and exchanged offensive social media messages; and the posting on social media of photos taken by police of the bodies of murder victims Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman.

This is not just a “bad apple,” the whole tree appears to be rotting. Is it surprising that women don’t have faith in the police when their allegations are not taken seriously, and those who are supposed to protect them are perpetrators? Who is policing who?

As of September 2022, 173 serving Met officers have outstanding accusations against them at “different stages” of investigation for domestic abuse. These are officers who have had an official complaint made against them, either directly or anonymously through various domestic violence reporting channels. If the men who are placed in charge of our safety are the very men raping, assaulting and abusing, how can women begin to believe they are safe?

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