April 12, 2024

David Attenborough announced his new show at Glastonbury and we couldn’t be happier

Whether you were lucky enough to bag a ticket or had to sun away your FOMO with a heavy side of BBC coverage, Britain’s most iconicfestivalwas all the nation could think, hear and talk about. The best part? David Attenborough’s surprise visit on stage…and the news of a brand new series. Yipee!

Stormzy’s legendary performance. A scorching hot heatwave. Celebrity central. Yep, Glastonbury was back and bigger than ever.

On Sunday night, thousands of festival-goers gathered for David Attenborough’s unscheduled appearance on Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage. He was there to thank the crowd for their efforts to cut down on plastic but was so drowned out by applause, he had to re-start his speech twice.

There was one sequence in Blue Planet 2 which everyone seems to remember. It was one in which we showed what plastic has done to the creatures that live in the ocean. They have an extraordinary effect. And now, this great festival has gone plastic-free. That is more than a million bottles of water that have not been drunk by you at Glastonbury. Thank you“, said the 93-year-old historian and veteran broadcaster.

This was the first year Glastonbury has not sold water in bottles, instead providing taps across the site encouraging festival-goers to bring their own reusable bottles.

If we weren’t spoilt enough already, Attenborough went on to announce his brand new series, Seven Worlds, One Planet, which is due to air on BBC One later this year. During the 4 minute speech, he previewed footage from the new series to a cheering crowd and it looks like we’re in for a treat.

Featuring a new song from singer-songwriter Sia and the renowned film composer Hans Zimmer, the teaser provided a glimpse into our seven continents and how they affect the animals that live on them.

Seven Worlds, One Planet is the latest in a string of recent commissions by the channel to shine a spotlight on the environment, under the banner “Protecting Our Planet”.

Once again, Sir David Attenborough proves he can do no wrong.

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