July 23, 2024

Dandruff can not be infected by another person, but you can buy it with parasites and stress

Snow-covered shoulders are not the best decoration. The scalp of the scalp also does not add joy. If, in addition, the hair also loses its shine, a greasy plaque appears on it, then every time you turn to the mirror, the mood falls catastrophically. What to do? Dandruff time to treat.

The reason for this disease and how to eliminate it, dealt with the correspondent SHE.

Dandruff is a lesion of the scalp, characterized by the formation of small scales on the skin. Sites of peeling usually do not have clear boundaries. With dry dandruff, grayish-whitish scales easily separate from the skin, contaminate the hair, settle on clothes, headdresses. Sometimes flakes have a yellowish color, a layered structure, are glued together and remain on the skin, causing irritation – this is fatty dandruff, or seborrhea.

Usually it is accompanied by increased greasiness of the scalp. And this is the first cause of dandruff – fungal. Fungi, responsible for exfoliation of dead particles, with lowering of skin immunity are excessively activated. And if in the usual rhythm of their work exfoliation is almost imperceptible, then with increased action, problems begin. “In that case, antifungal shampoos.

Dandruff can not be infected by another person, but you can buy it with parasites and stress

In addition, the cause of dandruff can be a lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body, in particular selenium and zinc.

Solves the problem in a complex way – you need to take multivitamins, use the means containing these microelements, for example “Friedermtsink”, to wash your head. This shampoo is sold at the pharmacy. “In the treatment of oily seborrhea it is important not to overdo it,” warns the dermatologist-triologist “AMD Laboratory” Elena Vyatkina. “Otherwise, you can dry your skin, and fatty dandruff will turn into dandruff dry, but the problem will not disappear anyway. ”

The impetus to the emergence or worsening of dandruff can be a food allergy – the question is solved by visiting an allergist, revealing the allergen and excluding it from the diet. “In any case, it’s better to avoid excessive consumption of strong coffee, alcohol, smoked, spicy, salty foods,” Anna Baranova recommends.

Dandruff can not be infected by another person, but you can buy it with parasites and stress

According to Elena Vyatkina, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, poor absorption of fats, dyskinesia of bile ducts cause dry dandruff. Fat dandruff often accompanies hormonal failures, such as an overabundance of androgens – because of them, especially acute cases of dandruff occur in mature men and adolescents. Also, the appearance of dandruff is promoted by diabetes and metabolic disorders. In addition, the development of seborrhea can provoke emotional experiences, stressful situations, vegetative dystonia. Parasitic infestation is an important cause of the onset of the disease.

Sporadic (accidental) occurrence of dandruff can be caused by a change in weather, climate, low humidity of the environment. In such cases, you can use shampoos against dandruff, which are abundant in mass sale. This is especially true for those who can not afford expensive professional cosmetics. “Experienced, I found that it works best on hair and removes light dandruff shampoo Fructis”, – admits Anna Baranova, “Leleya. ”

By the way, worry about the fact that you can not get dandruff: “This is an individual disease,” says Anna. –

Neither using someone else’s comb, nor wearing someone else’s headgear (although it’s just not hygienic), you can not become infected. The problem of dandruff is associated with a decrease in the immunity of a particular person. ”

Dandruff can not be infected by another person, but you can buy it with parasites and stress

The external factor causing dry dandruff is an overabundance of ultraviolet (especially constant drying of wet hair in the sun, stay in a solarium without a headdress). “The constant use of shampoo for oily hair will eventually overdry the skin,” warns Elena Vyatkina. – You need to alternate it with shampoo for normal hair, and also regularly apply moisturizing mask for scalp – both special, bought in a drugstore or in the cabin, and made from improvised means at home. ”

By the way, about folk remedies: the trichologist of the center of beauty and health “Leleya” is sure that herbal tea helps. But you need to have patience and a day later for several months to rinse your hair and scalp with a cocktail of sage, willow, nettle and hops.

As for castor oil, often recommended by grandmothers, it has a beneficial effect on hair follicles, but on the scalp, especially with oily seborrhea, can cause an effect opposite to what is expected.

A good tool is henna, but there are also pitfalls: “If you keep henna on your hair for more than an hour, it begins to exert a strong tanning effect on the scalp and hair,” notes Elena Vyatkina. “And this is the first step towards the appearance of dry dandruff. ”

Procedures that can help in the treatment of dandruff are ozone therapy and physiotherapy treatments on the Darsonval and Ultraton devices. “With the help of these devices, there is a strong bactericidal effect on the scalp,” says Anna Baranova. – Also regulated the work of the sebaceous glands. Over a week of regular sessions, most often acute dandruff passes into a moderate stage and subsequently passes completely. ”One session of physiotherapy in the center of Lelei costs 250 rubles, ozonotherapy in AMD Laboratory – 300 rubles.

In the textbooks on trichology it is said that dandruff is a disease of ambiguous and specific recommendations, suitable for all cases of its occurrence, no. In order to find out how to treat, a doctor needs to see a person, conduct tests. But if dandruff bothers you not too much and in your health you are more or less confident, you can approach the treatment by experimenting, alternating different ways. For sure there is a “your” tool.

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