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Breastfeeding is the most exciting moment in the relationship between mother and newborn. Through feeding, the mother and child are attached to each other, restoring the physiological connection, which was interrupted by birth. 

The female body works without regard for estates – even in the past centuries the aristocrats who gave the children wet nurse, the milk was. Today, the fashion for aristocratism has revived – many mothers refuse to feed.

Often this is facilitated by myths that it hurts and badly affects the figure. The correspondent of SE asked experts to comment on the main concerns.

Myths that feeding will have a bad effect on the condition of the breast, deprive the kids of the most important in their life food

Baby will delay

“What do you want – two children fed”: a saggy breast is often explained precisely by the fact that it sucked the baby. It is for this reason that stars and ladies of light refuse to feed – it is believed that it deforms the chest. “During lactation, the mammary glands increase in size,” – does not hide the obvious Irina Danilina, obstetrician-gynecologist honey. center “Zdravitsa”. But in reality the changes are not due to feeding: “The breast is growing because of the flow of milk, which, fortunately, is unavoidable during pregnancy,” explains Elena Meliukova, a gynecologist, honey. center “Ecopark”. – There is a probability of changing the shape – the skin is stretched, the glands and ducts are enlarged. ”

That is, pregnancy itself, not feeding, leads to a change in the breast.

But is such a joyful event, like the appearance of a baby, irreversibly affects the beauty of the mother? “Milk is irreplaceable for the health of the child,” Elena Meliukova is sure. “And I do not consider it worthwhile to sacrifice my baby in the name of the shape of the breast, especially now there are a lot of special cosmetic procedures, nourishing creams, exercises: I have fed – bring your breast in order and you will be again good.” For those who still believe that it is the feeding that worsens the condition of their persians, we can add that in the presence of milk – and it is practically in all pregnant women – and not being diluted from it, stasis arises in the glands and ducts, which leads to a serious disease – mastitis.

It will not hurt

Some ladies, after listening to stories from friends, are terrified to expect that the feeding will be accompanied by acute pains. But other women deny the claim that feeding is painful, in one way: “Look at the canvas” Madonna and Child “! – calls the gynecologist of the clinic “Ecopark”.

What kind of women are peaceful, calm, happy faces. Discomfort can arise during the first application to the chest, when the baby and mum get used to each other when the small creature has not figured out how best to remove food from the mother, and can pull and bite, adjusting. Then, according to survivors, feeding even gives pleasure. Those who fear that their own condition will interfere with feeding, then Irina Danilina, obstetrician-gynecologist honey. center “Zdravitsa”, I’m sure,

Milk for immunity

Why feed when there is so much “real” food for babies – dry milk formulas, different mashed potatoes? Such a thought can also sneak into the mother’s head, which also may seem that the baby does not have enough milk to grow. In general, it is not prudent to resort to artificial feeding in the first months of a child’s life: “Milk mixtures, even the most expensive and modern, can not replace mother’s milk, as it is unique in its composition,” warns obstetrician-gynecologist Irina Danilina. “In addition to nutrients and vitamins, it contains immunoglobulins that provide immune protection to the baby in the first months of life.” And it is your mother, from whose organism the baby was born, milk, and not someone else’s nurse and especially cows, will give the child useful substances useful to him for further health.

As for weaning and introducing additional food, each people and generation have different habits. For example, the biblical Rebekah stopped feeding Isaac’s son when he was five years old, the Koran recommends feeding up to two years, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and WHO agree with the Koran, but do not exclude the feeding of an older child. True, after a year, mother’s milk is recommended as an additional food. Also, the WHO advises up to 6 months to use exclusive breastfeeding, and after 6 months, you should introduce complementary foods. But the peculiarities of digestion of a specific baby is best to find out from a doctor who observes you and a little man.

How can milk fit here? 

Now back to those who would like to feed, but thinks that with their zero size nothing will work. But neither the shape of the nipple, nor the size of the breast does not affect the milk of the mother: “Now many girls are thin, with small breasts, but it is this breast that often gives a very large influx of milk,” says gynecologist Elena Meliukova. By the way, pregnancy has a good effect on the shape of a small breast – you will have the opportunity to flaunt a good “third” without resorting to cosmetic and surgical tricks.

In general, the amount of milk a normal, healthy woman is usually enough to feed a baby, even remains. And only the stress that affects the hormonal system of the mother, leads to the fact that the milk disappears. Try to tame your reaction to the world around and glossy magazines, focus on the miracle of birth, on your baby and rejoice in all the worries that are associated with it, without thinking that he will spoil your breasts. Angelina Jolie was not afraid.

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