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Over the next few years, four more members of his family were diagnosed with SCA7, a disease the family had ever experienced but is now tearing them apart.

Miles and his twin Ashton were born early, weighing just under 3lbs, but they fought hard and grew into healthy kids. When Miles was 9, however, he was diagnosed with a rare disease of the central nervous system called SCA7, and lost the ability to walk, talk, eat, and see much of anything at all.

Chive Charities and theCHIVE community support families when they have nowhere else to turn, and are stepping up to help Miles and his family through their difficult journey.

Chive Charities’ monthly donors gave them a brand new wheelchair-accessible Dodge Caravan to help make life as normal as possible, and now it’s up to us to show them what being a part of theCHIVE family is all about.

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