April 24, 2024

Daily Afternoon Randomness

Austin! Do you like chicken wings? If so join us May 20th as we’ll be judging the best wings Texas has to offer in the 2nd Annual Austin Chicken Wing Festival. Bring the family and your appetite and enjoy as many wings as you can stuff your faces with.

Back by popular demand is our iconic ‘Do you take drugs, Danny? ’ Tee. The answer is always ‘Every day. ’ Snag yours HERE.

You might’ve noticed we’ve been making some cool navigational changes over on iCHIVE to help make the site more viewer-friendly. For example, now instead of only being able to see the random assortment of unfiltered images on the homepage, NOW you can sort by Humor, Hotness, Humanity.

But we realized that those landing pages only had a single-file viewability option, which made trudging through those images slow and tedious. Not anymore! !

Now when you scroll through any section you can view the pictures in ‘Cascade-form’ which makes massive consumption of images in a hurry MUCH easier. It’s also just more fun to look at if we’re being honest. So make sure to check out all the ‘Hotness’, in a hurry, RIGHT HERE.

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