April 20, 2024

Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ. people

These are the moments here at theCHIVE that set us apart from every other online community out there. Shortly after birth Christopher was diagnosed with Snyder-Robinson Syndrome, a condition exclusively found in males, and is so rare, only around 50 people in the whole world have it.

You’re probably wondering if these breasts have an iCHIVE? They do. And does the bra come off? It does.

With his bones deteriorating, he was badly in need of safe transportation to get him to and from the doctor. Chive Charities to the rescue! A $50,000 grant from our Green Members and the keys to a brand new handicap-accessible Dodge Caravan has ensured Christopher won’t miss a single appointment.

Christopher’s mother Brittany said, “It’s been a devastating year. This couldn’t have come at a better time. You have no idea how big an impact your generosity will have on our lives. It’s moments like this that make me believe Christopher will walk someday. Thank you. ”

Please take a moment to read Christopher’s story. theCHIVE Community has rallied once again to save the underdog.

Become a Green Member right here!

If you’re a fan of hand bras, following me on Instagram isn’t a bad idea.

I want your help customizing the most bonkers Phat Scooter ever created. There are five design panels on the scooter and for $500 you can design one of the spaces… with any design you want. I’m serious, you wanna’ put dickbutt there, that’s your privilege. You can literally put anything you want on this fucker. After the scooter is finished, we will put the 5 designers’ names in a hat and draw a winner. The winner will win the scooter.

Shipped, bonkers designs n’ all, right to your front door. Join me tomorrow around 5pm EST live to be the first to bid and support Chive Charities as we continue to defend the real superheroes like Christopher. You’ll find the link on theCHIVE homepage or the Weekend Afternoon Randomness tomorrow!

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