Daily Afternoon Randomness

We launched a post today discussing a new CHIVE TV Affiliate Program to start making money on the side! Like an uber driver, except you can drink on the job!!Check out the details RIGHT HERE, if you are interested!

Another one inspired by Bill himself, “Just A Trim” is an homage to all those who work behind the scenes keeping the courses pristine, allowing the rest of us to make new memories playing the game.

…Or if you just would like to see Bryn as a sexy teacher, for science reasons

Last week, we asked Chivers to caption the above photo. You little misfits knocked it out of the park with over 380 original submissions! Clearly, you guys enjoy the drunken hijinks of Archer, Lana and the entire ridiculous cast of characters. Our winner was mnmeyer with the caption “I don’t care what your mother says, that is not how you play the hokey pokey.”The newest season of Archer promises to be even more batshit crazy than before.

Stranded on a lush jungle island in the year 1939, your favorite functioning alcoholic with a license to kill has a whole new set of dangers to avoid, booze to drink and women to chase. How did he get to the island? What the hell is he doing in the year 1939? And of course, what’s the deal with that parrot? Tune in to FXX tonight @10PM and find out for yourself!

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