You need to start shopping this chic, planet-loving fashion brand and here’s why

One fashion label set to join the list of sustainable game-changers shaking up the industry for the better is AMUR.

The line between loving fashion and lessening the negative impact our shopping habits have on the environment is a conversation we’ve been exploring in detail at GLAMOUR recently. From the high street stores putting ethical practices top of the agenda, to the vegan brands revolutionising our shoe cupboard, the new crop of sustainable collections are proving that caring about our aesthetic needn’t come at the cost of people or the planet.

AMUR, which sounds a little like the Spanish word for love, is actually an acronym for A Mindful Use Of Resources, and goes by the philosophy that ‘mindful living will always be in style.’

The New York-based brand is founded upon the belief that great style needn’t come at the expense of the environment, with a commitment to sustainability and a fashion-forward aesthetic topping the list of design considerations.

At the heart of the brand is a focus on fabrications, with sustainability woven into the AMUR’s creations through three categories of fibre that minimise environmental impact: natural, (organic cotton, silk, linen, and hemp), cellulosic (cupto and tencel), and regenerated (waste material spun into fibre).

In an interview with NYLON, founder Sofia Shannon explained that the brand was borne from a desire to begin making conscious choices throughout her entire lifestyle, from beauty and fashion to food and beyond.

“I came to a point where I learned that fashion is the second most contaminating industry in the world, and I had to make a change. I felt it was necessary to do things in a different, better way,” she explained.

“It’s important because I also love nature. To me, nature is the ultimate luxury. There is nothing I enjoy more than relaxing at the beach, swimming in a lake, or hiking in the mountains. Why wouldn’t I want to preserve the environment?”

One glance at the clothes themselves are testament to the idea that we can style ourselves conscientiously and look damn well doing it. The collections are centred around pieces that walk the perfect balance between modern and feminine, melding strong silhouettes with frills, draping and intricate detailing.

The SS19 collection is filled with the kinds of statement pieces European minibreak dreams are made of; think tiered maxi skirts, chic off-the-shoulder tops and ruched blouses that are calling out for a straw basket and plenty of sunshine.

You’ll find us browsing flights as we speak…

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