Cycling: do not brake

Prepare immediately for two seasons – bicycle and bathing – you can on one simulator. Miracles are told by people about saikla – group training on bicycles. This, of course, is tempting – twice a week for half an hour to pedal and burn up to 750 kcal at a time, but it’s hard to believe.

It was decided to check the steel horse with the fight. What is the difference between an exercise bike and a saikl, what hurts then, which jams, where it reduces and how many basins of sweat come off during training, experienced the correspondent of SHE.

In place of single trainings on the simulator comes group fat burning under cheerful shouts of the coach

Help: Cycling – group training on exercise bikes. Developed in the early 90’s. American cyclist John Goldberg. It is considered a very intense exercise with a high degree of strain. 

Question price

In a city it is difficult to not find a place where people would not pedal. Of the major fitness centers, there are no saikl only in “Extreme-Fitness”. In “Remix” (on Gorky) on saikles you can get only by purchasing a subscription: 2300 rubles. the first month, the next – 3500 rubles. One-time occupation (again a bundle – “day at the club”) – 800 rubles. In the Grand Arena the same story, only the subscription from the first month costs 3,500 rubles.

The first one-time lesson is free. In the “Studio Fit” they noticed that the saikles are very popular, and they were subtracted from the subscription: 8 classes – 1800 rubles per month, one-time – 600 rubles. In the sports and fitness center “Kropotkinsky” the subscription for 8 classes is 1500 rubles. One-time training – 400 rubles. In the fitness club “Europe” the most pleasant conditions: 8 classes – 1200 rubles. And as a gift you still get 8 thermal procedures; single – 350 rubles.

Fitness load: Anaerobic load – good fat burning cells. This is a load of force that is provided by working with free weights and exercising on simulators. This kind of load provides muscle growth and strength, as well as partial splitting of fat cells.

Removes total volumes, leg muscles lead to tonus: buttocks, biceps hamstrings, quadriceps females, calves. Very useful for the heart muscle. 

Contraindications: High blood pressure, severe stage of varicose veins, knee problems, with heart, growth up to 150 cm.

Props: Sneakers on a firm sole, so that the leg is clearly fixed, otherwise injuries or the likelihood that the leg will “reduce” is possible. Special pants – leggings with a special lining in the perineum and buttocks. Sickle saikl very much rubs and, they say, with special zeal “zazhevyvaet” thong. So some recommend to do better without linen in the usual tight pants, do not hamper the movement. Towel – it is hung on the steering wheel, where the sweat is literally flowing from the forehead waterfalls. A bottle with still water – during the breaks between the “sections of the route” the coach allows you to take a gulp of water.


Training for beginners lasts only half an hour, for advanced – 45 minutes. Konstantin Baev, instructor of the group fitness programs of the Grand Arena fitness club, told about the differences from the usual exercise bike: “It’s possible to make such a load on the saikel that you can not pedal at all, on a stationary bike, the maximum load in principle easily rotates. On the saikl you can get up, push up, crouch. On a stationary bike, in principle, it’s very difficult to get up-there you sat down and drove off. ”

And most importantly – to go together more fun. In loneliness, a person quickly drops and twists the pedals with a mobile phone in one hand, adjusting the hairstyle of another, in the team there is excitement and competitive effect.

During the whole time the coach cheers as much as he can. Coach Grand Arena Constantine was limited to brisk cries of the type “Op-pa! Come on, come on! “- in principle, standard training terms for any fitness club. But through these simple words he managed to convey a charge of enthusiasm. Usually saiky are located in a separate room, in rows. Immediately, 7 simulators stand in a circle in the common room, where sleek men and fairy-tale ladies are walking around.

Training is built on the principle of a complete simulation of riding an off-road bicycle – then you and riding through the mountains, along the sand, from the mountain, on a smooth highway at high speed. Simulation occurs due to increased load – torsion by hand handles in front of the steering wheel. It should also be pressed in an extreme situation – if the foot comes out of the pedal or aliens land. In addition, the pose changes – sometimes you need to lift the pelvis and go standing, trying to keep it exactly on weight. Hands take a different position on the handlebars. Between the high-speed sections small breaks are made to take a breath and take a sip of water. At the end of training, stretching is mandatory – so that the muscles from overexertion are not “hammered”.


Given the unpreparedness of the correspondent, it was very difficult to study, unpleasant sensations in the knees were not allowed to do practically anything. At first it was scary: what a leg would make, that the muscles would “clog”, that the leg would fly out and get confused, break down, “get stuck” – but what if it’s not enough! In general, the bicycle, which has not yet been conquered by the beast, remains frightened by itself, although, unlike the present, it can not lose its balance and fall. But even such alarmist, as correspondent SHE, in the end gained confidence.

The bright spectacle of waterfalls sweat, pouring on the towels of neighbors, spurs even more than the cheerful cries of the coach. The load is very serious: for half an hour the trainers were driving at maximum speed.

With the raised pelvis it was possible to squeeze hardly on pedals. Most of the load felt on the knees, the back of the thighs. After the session, they did not leave the unpleasant sensations again in their laps, as if something had shifted there, and the inner surface of the thighs hurt the next day and two more days, which can not but rejoice, since this zone can only be reached by riding or boring power training.

Result: Despite the caution and shyness inherent in beginners, the SHE correspondent dropped 200 grams of net weight.

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