March 4, 2024

Cute girl builds M-Falcon for a Star Wars themed wedding 35, Photos

The article had a nice write-up explaining how a young 23-yr. named Maddie Carlos started her own business baking sweets for locals in the town of Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

Maddie Carlos on Facebook

When I first saw the picture linked to an article titled “Young Baker Makes Millennium Falcon Cake From Scratch” (credit to site “Sunny Skyz”)…I was both intrigued and WANTED TO SEE MORE PHOTOS SHOWING THE DETAILS ON THIS MASSIVE CREATION.

Let’s start off with credit where credit’s due…I found this single photo on a site called “Sunny Skyz”.

Her small bakery is named “Something Sweet by Maddie Lu”.

Wedding photographer Nicole Engstrom on Facebook

In my quest to find additional M-Falcon pics, I clicked on both her store’s Instagram and Facebook pages…and stumbled onto photos of a crazy Star Wars themed wedding.

Wedding photographer Nicole Engstrom on Facebook

One of Maddie’s friends, Nicole Engstrom, was also the photographer for the wedding.

Wedding photographer Nicole Engstrom on Facebook

Before cutting into Han Solo’s trusty spaceship, let me share a little more on Maddie’s journey from baking sweets for high-school friends to starting a business.
Check-out Nicole Engstrom on Facebook.

When she learned that people loved her creative goodies…she decided to go to culinary school.

After her fellow students and teachers convinced Maddie of her talents, she opened her first bakery store.

These are just a few of the custom cakes that she’s made…

If you have some time, check-out some of Maddie Carlos’ other “cake-A” creations.

They’re truly awesome.

Follow Maddie Lu Bakery on Facebook: Something Sweet by Maddie Lu

When a couple planning their Star Wars themed wedding, they saw one of Maddie’s earlier b-day cakes.

This begins her built from scratch massive M-Falcon cake.

Now for the wild wedding…

The following pics come from Wedding photographer Nicole Engstrom on Facebook

Wedding photographer Nicole Engstrom on Facebook

Now back to the baker that put the finishing touches on this Star Wars wedding.

From cute girl with a serious talent…

…to opening her first small store…

…to opening a store at the Mall of America…

…congrats to Maddie for bring more smiles to the galaxy.

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