Crown Brows Are the Crazy New Eyebrow Look

Petersen used a spoolie brush to comb the hairs into place before setting brows with Vaseline and adding rhinestone stickers. While we commend the creativity, this sparkly look may be a little to extra even for holiday parties.

We’ve seen people do a lot of crazy things in the name of beauty, but this one really caused us to raise an eyebrow. Sofie Petersen, an aspiring makeup artist from Denmark, brushed her brows into the shape of a crown and topped off the royal look with rhinestones.

The photo she posted to her Instagram has since gone viral with a lot of people praising her creativity.

“Sometimes I just start doing something without thinking so much about it,” she told Allure. “Here, I started brushing my brows in different directions to see what I could get out of that. I had some gemstone stickers laying on my table, and when my brows suddenly had a shape that reminded me of a crown, I looked at the gemstone stickers and got the idea, visualized it, felt sure about it, and executed it.”

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