June 21, 2024

Critical days can be put off for a rest period, because bathing with a swab increases the risk of getting an infection

In the summer, I do not want to think about health: you usually feel good and you look good. But the fragile female nature makes itself felt at this beautiful time: it is during the holiday period that a surge of various female ailments occurs. About how to properly prepare for rest, we were told by the doctor-gynecologist of the medical center “Catharsis” Rauza Loginova.

Is it possible to delay menstruation if it is expected on the road or on vacation?

In modern conditions, it is really possible to control this function: the use of modern hormonal contraceptives according to a certain scheme can accelerate or delay menstruation at the right time. However, this issue must be resolved together with your attending physician in advance – no later than two weeks before the proposed trip.

The doctor should examine you for possible contraindications. If they are not, then considering that rest we have one or two times a year, the delay in menstruation is completely safe.

Critical days can be put off for a rest period, because bathing with a swab increases the risk of getting an infection

If there are dubious symptoms when taking hormonal contraceptives, can I just stop taking the pills?

Independently to cancel a preparation, not finishing a put course, it is undesirable. The exception is a sharp deterioration in the general condition of women, extraordinary menstruation, bleeding, complications associated with the formation of blood clots. That is why it is so important to pre-examine and select a drug by a doctor.

What if a woman has forgotten a new pack of tablets at home?

If this happens, at the first opportunity it is necessary to buy in the pharmacy the same tablets or their substitutes – preparations duplicating each other in composition. Pharmacists can inform you about them. Substitutes may vary greatly in quality, but in an emergency this option is also suitable.

Critical days can be put off for a rest period, because bathing with a swab increases the risk of getting an infection

If the drug was not found, you should finish the current standard and expect menstruation 48-96 hours after the last pill taken. And the new standard begins with the next menstrual cycle – already after returning home. In the interval you will have to use barrier means.

How critical is missing tablets? This is a common situation, especially on vacation. What about the change in time zones?

A break in the use of tablets should not exceed 36 hours, since it is possible the onset of a menstrual-like reaction, a reduction in the contraceptive effect. If we had time in the 36 hour period, the effect does not decrease. If more than 36 hours have passed since taking the last pill, additional contraceptive measures will be needed for the next 7-10 days. In the case of changing time zones, you need to move the taking of tablets in order to prevent interruptions. And forgetful women, I recommend starting a ritual, tying the drug to daily activities, for example, cleaning your teeth or putting on your pajamas in the evenings.

If during a trip thrush, how to fight it?

Women who suffer from thrush usually know which medications they help to relieve symptoms, and necessarily keep them in their first-aid kit. Again, you can use analogues of the usual drug. If the required is not available – analogues also work, although sometimes a little less efficient. It is best before going to your doctor to consult your doctor, even if there are no complaints. He will appoint you general and local treatment, give recommendations on the prevention of recurrence of the disease. However, medication will be powerless if you do not follow the rules of personal hygiene: touching the perineum and genitals and all manipulations – changing pads, inserting vaginal tampons, toilet – should be done only with clean hands. In addition, in the heat is not recommended to wear tight synthetic clothing, especially underwear.

Rumors about the dangers of thong panties are under the ground?

This problem is not intended. Lingerie is designed to protect, and open panties are not capable of this. In addition, in a hot climate, a diverse pathogenic microflora multiplies much faster. Many gynecologists will tell you about female lovers of open panties and short skirts, which complain, for example, on an abscess infection that appears on the hips and buttocks.

Critical days can be put off for a rest period, because bathing with a swab increases the risk of getting an infection

Can I get infected while swimming?

Reproduction of microflora in the summer is very fast, and due to its specificity, it is the swab itself that can become a source of infection in the summer. Although many use them during bathing, I personally oppose tampons: during this period, no water procedures are recommended, and bathing in open reservoirs especially, since the risk of infectious infection increases many times. During bathing, even in a safe period, you can get infected: for example, if a woman with trichomoniasis is swimming near you, you too can get it. But in this case the pathogenic flora quickly perishes in the sun. Therefore, the main source of infection are, of course, sexual partners: sores, with which women come from vacation, most often get it during the spa connections. Or, hidden, long-standing sluggish infections become aggravated when returning from a trip.

What can be dangerous hot weather for women’s health?

Serious diseases, accompanied by severe pain syndrome, uterine bleeding, violations of general condition, are unlikely to allow you to go on vacation far and long. So before you resolve this issue, talk to your doctor. For all other practically healthy women, one can advise only one thing: moderation in everything. It should be remembered that the abuse of sunbathing, prolonged bathing, lying or sitting on the ground, hypothermia, even short-term, stresses in an unusual climate zone and a foreign country can provoke an aggravation of chronic pelvic inflammatory diseases, menstrual dysfunction in women of reproductive age, worsen the course of climacteric syndrome and other diseases, not only gynecological, in mature women. In some states, for example, with myomas, endometriosis, exposure to the sun is generally contraindicated. Many inflammatory diseases occur asymptomatically and are aggravated in the heat. This is a problem especially for young people – after the holidays many of them go to the doctor with complications.

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