May 25, 2024

Creams for the body of your dreams

Hand lotion and body Peony Blush Suede Body Hand Lotion, Jo Malone

Лосьон для рук и тела Peony Blush Suede Body Hand Lotion, Jo Malone

If you know how to smell a bouquet of fresh cut peonies, consider that I know the smell of this lotion. One push of the dispenser and in the tub flower burst, and with it blast your endorphins. Consistency means how creamy the sauce: not too easy, but not so tight that it was a film. The moisturizing effect is guaranteed to last the day. And with it a natural glow nourished, sleek leather – like girl who only does that luxuriates in a Spa.

Body cream Skin Nourishing, Elemis

Крем для тела Skin Nourishing, Elemis

This is not a story about global extra moisturizing, but excellent supportive care for normal skin. The consistency is closer to a thick yogurt, it’s light, absorbs quickly – convenient for summer when wearing dresses and don’t want the fabric clung to my legs.

The smell is neutral, no fruits-berries and candy (good for those who do not like to care argued with the smell of perfume). Compact tube is easy to take in travel and fitness.

British brand Elemis has partnered with scientists from Cambridge to continuously find new formulae. In the cream there is a natural “accelerator” of cell metabolism – oil sedmicka. According to the manufacturer, if you use the cream more than three weeks, notice the anti-aging effect. For the pH balance of the skin responds with oat extract, milk protein and macadamia nut oil.

Cream-body souffle Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream, Origins

Крем-суфле для тела Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream,Origins

Besides the delicate aroma of ginger, means excellent skin care body instantly softens and moisturizes, and it is easy to spread and quickly absorbed.

Body cream Body Cream, Nairian

Крем для тела Body Cream,Nairian

Curious Armenian organic brand was brought to Russia Cosmotheca less than a month ago. First impressions I have a nice – Nairian well combine the Western technologies and local ingredients, and the result is a mix in the best traditions of niche health brands. Bottles have brand’s minimalistic but expensive and spectacular, no flashy luxury, sheer elegance. Body cream from the brand one, with a light texture and smell of herbs, warmed by the sun. The only sadness is the package of 100 ml.

Body lotion Dark Amber Ginger Lily, Jo Malone London

Крем для тела Dark Amber Ginger Lily,Jo Malone London

I have recently wrote about his anxious attitude to the departure of Jo Malone London: at the stage of deployment of the boxes with the ribbons feel very special. My body cream refers to a series of Intense – in this range of flavors deeper and more saturated than in the main. Aroma Dark Amber Ginger Lily is one of the most interesting in the line, in my opinion, and the eponymous scented cream is quite dense and nourishes the skin no worse than a serious butter.

Body cream Angel Perfuming Body Cream, Mugler

Крем для тела Angel Perfuming Body Cream,Mugler

One of the most beautiful bottles in my collection is rather big: it seems that it came from space with ziggy Stardust. Even if the jar with the broken star and a brilliant base would be the tar, it would still be a worthy purchase. But inside congenial excellent tool: fragrant, cream soufflé, which, incidentally, is also economical in use. As with all products Mugler, Angel cream is a strong and persistent smell – it will easily replace a perfume. Well, if you are in the most fighting mood, you can freeze cream flavor Angel – and then you definitely will never forget.

Body cream Body Cream Gold Woman, Amouage

In this brand created in 1983 by the Sultan of Oman, a luxurious all flavors, bottles, candles. A classic Oriental fragrance Gold, which made an outstanding perfumer, guy Robert, was one of the first in the portfolio of Amouage and became her best-seller, a kind of calling card. This body cream, Packed in a jar so heavy that it can serve as a weapon of self-defense, recreates the scent carefully as possible. Tool in itself – more a butter than a cream: thick, dense, very nutritious and enveloping. The perfect thing when you are sad and want to feel sorry for yourself – just remember that you really hoo.

Body cream Beurre Exquis, Une Rose, Frederic Malle

The founder of the brand, snob and an aesthete, said women Frederic Malle is to use only the best – and not only offers aromas and candles, and perfumed for body, and the range is constantly updated. Creams and butter for the body, Packed in minimalistic bottles – target, however, pays them great attention, as she designs and even designs of their boutiques. The concentration of flavors in Malevsky means for the body is very strong, so the cream can and should be used as a perfume. I have the butter with the smell Une Rose is one of the most beautiful scents of roses, in my opinion.

Body cream Eveil de Soi Body Beautifier, Hysqia

Light texture, dense musky smell and a fine Golden shimmer – cream for a promising night. Swiss brand Hysqia itself is incredibly interesting: it’s a niche brand that specializes in tools intimate care. A modern woman, according to the philosophy of the brand, pays enough attention to your face, but bypasses the add attention to your lady parts – and in order to fill this gap, the brand offers a complete series of products, including caring oil for erogenous zones (! ) But if this purchase is that the priority list does not appear, start Dating can Golden cream – and there already and to the rest of the turn.

Malaysian body balm, Alina Zanskar

Despite the fact that the tool is declared as a balm in the package see a dense layer of “butter” that has the texture of ice cream. It is better to apply this balm right after the shower so it had time to soak (it load for 20 minutes). But as soon as it will be absorbed, the skin is oily film remains light and Shine, after the sprays with gold particles.

The fragrance of the balm is extraordinary, truly tropical! Came from the body until the evening. The oil composition of mango, mango seed, Malaysian dessert of coconut, Shea, argan, lemongrass and extracts of passion fruit, mango and pineapple. With components skin boost hydration. The balm helps to cope with skin dryness and flaking.

Gel sport, SB-26

The first time I saw this tool in the Beauty Spa World Class. Since it began, and familiarity with the brand. This is a Russian brand of cosmetics for body care, but participated in the development of Swiss scientists. All means are created to meet the needs of modern women and men who lead an active lifestyle. The brand name is symbolic: figure 2 – balance, 6 – reliability and harmony with nature.

This gel I tried it after an hour of the race on the track –the cool tool with a pale yellow color was absorbed while I was drying my head, and didn’t leave a greasy film. In extracts of algae, horse chestnut (the latter has sosudoukreplyayuschim properties) and menthol. Within two weeks of use feels the skin on the feet and in the area golife became more elastic, toned and hydrated. This is like a real-stress after a workout! But recently, the paint and before class.

Body milk Chocolate, Dolce Milk

The milk is quickly absorbed. Smells like chocolate-vanilla pudding moisturizes, but more suitable for normal to oily skin (not dry as stated on the packaging). Not sticky, the skin after it shines, absorbs well, but it means more like a cream. Can be used immediately out on the street. I found coconut oil and castor oil and jojoba oil. And all the same the hydrolyzed milk proteins.

Cellulite cream the Mission possible, Organic Kitchen

Next “dish” from the chef’s Organic Kitchen was delicious and healthy. Cream, created to deal with the hated “orange peel”, contains essential oils of grapefruit extract, red orange and Brazilian lime. The ingredients improve blood circulation and help flush excess fluid, thereby smooths the relief. The consistency is relatively light: it absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy film. The consistency of soft cream – after applying the skin becomes soft and velvety.

All for body I add a few drops of dry oil Nuxe for imparting softness and anti-flaking, which is especially important in autumn and winter.

Body cream “Japanese Camellia”, Organic Shop

Soft pink and thick like strawberry yogurt, this cream is suitable for owners of dry skin and cold season in General will be indispensable. Composed of five oils – grapeseed, patchouli, bergamot, lemon balm and apricot. This complex not only moisturizes the skin but also has a healing effect. Generously apply the cream after shower on elbows and knees before bed.

The aroma is very pleasant and even soothing: for some it’s the smell of camellias (extract which also has a part), for someone- roses. Personally he reminds me of the smell of the Russian bath – pure and simple.

Body lotion Lait Corporel Body Anti-Drying Milk, Biotherm

Moisturizing lotion smells like orange cream – during application, the scent spreads all over the bathroom, but the body is long and is not saved. For the cold season perfect: saves from dryness and flaking, moisturizes for a long time, and most importantly, absorbs quickly. The last fact especially appeal to those who don’t like to wait until the moisturizing lotion is completely absorbed into the skin.

Use olive and soybean oil, and amino acids and extracts of orange and grapefruit. These ingredients help the skin after using milk is not only soft and moist, but smooth.

Cream for body Aromasoul Indian Body Cream, comfort zone

Scientists have proved that essential oils not only have beneficial effects on the nervous system, but also strengthen the heart and improve immunity. Indian cream comfort zone their three essential oils of lemon, bergamot and cardamom, so the use of the funds is equal to true aromatherapy.

By the way, oil has another important advantage: they create a protective barrier on the skin, and rice milk and vitamin E make it soft and velvety.

Body cream Body cream moisturizing and nutritive passiflora and macadamia oil, Deora

Moisturizer in travel-friendly packaging (tube of soft plastic, the lid is easy to open and protects the tool from leakage) convenient to take with you in the gym. The bottle is small and lightweight. Of money is not a dense creamy texture (quickly absorbed), but with the dryness it copes with a Bang! Case components: extract of passionflower moisturizes the skin, macadamia nut oil and Shea nourish the skin. There are minerals from the dead sea – a mandatory ingredient in all means the Israeli brand. After using on the skin a discreet nutty aroma.

Body cream Body Excellence Chanel

The main task of the cream is to smooth and strengthen the skin. So I replaced them with the more familiar oil Caudalie (about it I was told in our test the club of anti-cellulite means ). First make double-sided massage brush for body, then shower, then apply Body Excellence. The cream is very dense, slightly gel-like texture that massage spreads easily over skin and absorbs quickly. Greasy film remains, but the skin is like silk, and the bonus is the vanilla train (my husband appreciated! ).

Chanel experts say that after eight weeks of using the cream (morning and evening), abdomen, shoulders, and forearms will become more elastic at 75-76%. This result was achieved in 32 women participating in testing. I use the cream for two weeks, but not going to stop because of heavy contents of the bottle (which, believe me, even just decorate your bathroom or bedroom) creates a cloud of comfort around very well.

Among the ingredients there are the extract of the grains of hibiscus (in charge of the same silk effect) and active components of purple ginger (make the skin more elastic).

Body cream Baume Gourmand Corps, Caudalie

Heating season – the enemy of my skin number one. Even with regular moisture on the hands and feet intermittently flaking. Standard care: cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing. With the latest phones. Baume Gourmand Corps from Caudalie. The tool is designed for dry and very dry skin.

The cream is dense, rich texture, so use sparingly. The composition of Shea butter and grapeseed (moisturize) and tocopherol (vitamin E). The main ingredient – vinodrai moisture retention.

After applying the Baume Gourmand Corps, the skin immediately becomes smoother and recovers the hydrolipidic barrier. For complete absorption from 5 to 10 minutes. After a few days of regular use to get rid of blackheads is not a trace remains. Strong 5+ for the composition and effectiveness.

The butter for the body “Silk veil”, Gloria

The packaging is nothing special: it is plastic, but heavy due to the butter. Many manufacturers of tools called “butter” produced in the form of liquid cream, but Gloria it really looks like solid oil. For this reason, you will not be able to get the tool from the package. First warm it with your fingers to “butter” began to melt.

When applied to the skin oil texture but not so it’s not an option for those who love after the shower apply the product and immediately go to sleep. You need at least 40 minutes for complete absorption, and maybe more. But it’s worth it: the feeling of dryness and discomfort goes away immediately after application. In the morning the skin is soft and nourished. This tool is not for every day. I would recommend you apply it two or three times a week instead of the usual cream to the winter time additionally moisturize the skin.

Body lotion for Body Shaping, Babor

Babor is a German brand of cosmetics, was founded in 1956. To create tools the brand uses raw materials grown on eco-friendly plantations in the framework of the philosophy of the use of renewable natural resources. Products are not tested on animals.

Body lotion for Body Shaping I liked the fact that he is not only very moisturizing, but absorbs quickly – if you decide to apply it before bed, won’t stain clothing and bedding: it is enough to wait for 5-10 minutes before final absorption.

The composition of the oil of olive and grape seed. I applied it every day for two weeks after a shower and massage. A great choice for winter when the skin needs careful protection from the cold. I have it is prone to dryness, this remedy nourishes it and copes well with dry skin. Lifting effect – as a bonus (suitable for Mature skin – the serum contains stem cells ash-bereki for anti-age action).

Pomegranate regenerating body lotion, Weleda

Choosing the means to care for body in the winter, I always pay attention to three factors: hydration, nutrition, lack of sticky feeling on the skin. From body milk Weleda all three items marked “Yes”. The main component means a pomegranate seed oil, which is responsible for the restoration and elasticity of the skin. They can safely share with your mom or to use the most to prevent signs of aging.

With regular use of the Duo “lotion + shower gel Weleda” (about a second will tell soon) skin will not suffer from temperature changes, dry air, batteries and air conditioning in the car.

Special attention will be paid to the flavor. The whole line of natural ingredients, so the smell of milk specific. But there are pleasant notes of pomegranate, orange and sandalwood. They very much! The aroma remains on the skin for up to four hours, but it is very delicate and does not mix with perfume.

Body balm Baume Nutri-Relaxant, Payot

The texture of the balm is reminiscent of a honey mousse. Just tint it a soft pink and the feeling after use of space! The consistency of whipped cream does not create a sense of stickiness on the skin, the balm literally melts on it and is completely dissolved. The feeling over your skin worked hard in the Spa! Reminded us of this delicate floral scent (a mix of Jasmine and white tea in part). I put the tool in the morning and evening without fear of getting marks on clothes.

Leveling system for a body Ultra Retexturisng Body Complex, Ultraceuticals

I have been interested in cosmetics Ultraceuticals – these Australian funds has developed a charismatic doctor, Mr. Geoffrey Heber. An occasion to remember the French (at least, English) language – pack Jeffrey left you a heartfelt romantic letter. From the lyrics to the facts. A volume of 250 ml, “Bank” is like a can of whipped cream. I’ll be honest – Yes, it’s heavy and big! Not for wandering around the Islands.

I set the jar on a favorite shelf in the bathroom and used the cream after every shower (and sometimes caused his wooden massage brush on the thighs). Honest manufacturer writes on the packaging about concentrated hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and vitamin E in the composition. Most likely you are already familiar with these basic nutrients.

The cream is slowly but surely evens out the skin. The consistency of the “fluffy” and light, color green, fragrance – medical and “sterile”. The body of it is not felt.

About the main thing: two weeks from Ultraceuticals, I love the skin on the thighs – all my life think it is dry and unworthy of short shorts. Leave this cream on the shelf and already put it in my personal beauty plan for next season.

Moisturizing body cream with aloe Vera, Yves Rocher

My summer is green: fly to the last three seconds of the green traffic light and buy grapes “raisins” and weave wreaths of blades of grass for little sister. New Yves Rocher green aloe Vera, this concept is suitable (and even the plant on the package I want to touch/eat/put).

I strictly refer to the creams for the body: do not carry an oily texture, apply the cream for a minute before going to work and sensitive to the aromas. With Yves Rocher we have each other, “understand”: the aroma of green and grassy (barely noticeable, does not argue with the spirits, summer), texture – like low-fat soft cheese. The cream is absorbed in 47 seconds (I timed it! ) and leaves no effect “plastic film”. The main advantage for me is aloe Vera in conjunction with vitamin E and plant omega-3 fatty acids soothes dry skin after a sunburn (or, excuse me, shaving). Not to say that I felt an unusual level of hydration: cream supports the skin in a nice soft state (and what else is needed? ).

Moisturizing body cream with aloe Vera from the Yves Rocher I spent two weeks – a sure sign that tool, I put a solid top five.

Nourishing body lotion, Caudalie

The grapes were grown at our cottage with those years when I didn’t know how to say widely ramified, I clutched the sheets in her hands and breathed in the sweet and sour flavor. It’s the feeling of a happy suburban childhood, I give a skin care Caudalie with grape seed extract (I use matte cream, serum and scrub with the texture of dairy phenol porridge). About the scent you seem to have realized the lotion really smells like ripe purple grapes. How does it work? I apply it after the scrub three times a week.

The system is this: you carefully “scribite” skin, promatyvaya (not wiping! ) her thin towel and “roll” a pea of cream all over my body (knees and elbows suggest to moisturize again). I’ll be honest – immediately after applying the lotion will seem quite sticky, as mattifying serum. This feeling of “stiffness” of the skin disappears after two or three minutes. Followed by the baby softness of the body: you can gently press the skin to see what I’m talking about. By the way, the lotion will replace you body powder: it is slightly plumping the outer layer of the skin and smoothes it until the next wash with a washcloth.

Dispenser “lean” to squeeze more than you need, it does not – apply a pea for pea. For two weeks my bottle is “empty” one-sixth. A rarity – usually, the cream in my bathroom does not last more than three weeks.

Gel for face and body Natural Remedies Aloe Vera 95%, comfort zone

The texture of this gel resembles a real aloe juice. No wonder – as part of his “main” role. On the second (and last) place – nourishing argan oil. It enhances the moisturizing properties of the gel and helps it be absorbed faster (the process takes about 45 seconds). Feeling like you just took a cool shower and no greasy film.

Often put on the face after toner and serum drying or in the morning before makeup. Aloe Vera juice soothes and heals the skin – be sure to take a trip on a tropical island.

Brand comfort zone with trust ever since I tried their mask from white clay – my main beauty-opening 2017. Every product produced at its factory in Italy and meticulously checked for compliance with the international standards. Sounds!

Body lotion Lait Hydratant, Clarnis

Since childhood, I love cottage cheese products, this cream reminded me of a rustic short – succumbed associations and bought it. This satin bottle carry on the functional training and suggest all sports friends. Reasons:

1) the cream is applied to the skin at a speed of Schumacher;

2) is absorbed before you close the bottle;

3) give the Shine like the fairies in cartoons – sparkles in the part no.

Texture – the right balance: it’s thick but non-greasy lotion. The flavor many people do not notice, but I love it: similar to the smell of Nivea classic cream, the dreams of our mothers.

Apply all over the body, even on the heels and palms. Sticky don’t feel immediately put on socks and lace up sneakers as if nothing had happened.

French brand Clarins once again lived up to the promises on the packaging is simple and clear moisturizer that would work in the winter and summer.

Moisturizing body lotion, Beautifying Body Moisturizer, Aveda

The facility-specific pharmacy herbal scent (which quickly fades) – the result of a mix of rosemary, lavender and bergamot. Summer fragrances I like, but in the winter I want to “bundle up” in a sweet, delicious smell. But hydrating lotion from Aveda is very well absorbed and it’s a big plus in the fall and winter when you need to wear several layers of clothing.

Composed of four certified organic oils: Shea butter, olive, soybean, safflower. The lotion is not greasy, and even, on the contrary, may disappoint owners of dry skin. It gives a very light delicate hydration that softens skin on hands, elbows, stomach and thighs, but with autumn and winter dryness on the feet to cope. Have a lotion texture, therefore the vial with a volume of 200 ml consumed very sparingly.

Lotion for hands and body, “Rose geranium”, Aidarsa

I can’t call myself an ardent follower of organics: a good attitude about silicones, perfumes and preservatives. But for body care prefer to use natural whipped Shea butter. Lotion Ausgenica 94% certified organic ingredients. The tools are pronounced soothing effect: instantly relieves redness and eliminates flaking and promotes the healing of wounds thanks to the extract of soap nut tree.

Consistency is not oily, more like a gel. Lotion need to quite a bit – if you apply too much, it would be a long soak. Leaves no film and instantly makes the skin velvety after application. Coconut water, olive and rose oil, lauric acid, phytoestrogens, only a small part of the active ingredients “Rose geranium”. The lotion smells: subtle, unobtrusive scent of the rose will stay with you for several hours after application.

Body cream Extra Precipitation, Origins

Light grassy smell recalled the scent of nettles. Remedy is recommended for those who have very dry skin. He has rich oil composition: in cream has added Shea butter, ginseng, grapefruit, gentian root, cocoa.

Despite my dislike of too fat means I was afraid to put it – I don’t like when the cream is absorbed for a long time. This is an exception. Leaves no greasy, very moisturizing, but it absorbs clearly not 20-30 minutes. 5-7 from him is not gone, but I noticed right away – dry skin on elbows and heels after the first use was noticeably softer. I recommend to use this cream after a shower before bed – while you’re sleeping, it will work to moisturize your skin.

Our interview with the President of the brand’s Origins, read here.

Universal nourishing cream, Skin Food, Weleda

This cream was created in 1926 and immediately became a bestseller! He is indeed a very “strong” – in all respects reminded me of the healing ointment from the pharmacy. He even made a heavy metal tube with a screw cap (squeezed not so easy). The cream is yellowish, very thick and oily in texture. Economical – one pea is enough for my whole face/hands/feet. The smell of grass and a little pharmacy, very relaxing before bed. To use the cream just for all – SOS-remedy for rough skin on heels, knees, elbows as a cream or mask for hands and feet, how to care for irritated and dry skin, as lip balm, cuticle tool, and even split ends. All these procedures are recommended to do before bedtime and still try not to overdo it, because the cream is really very nutritious. The composition is perfect, nothing more: sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, blend of natural essential oils, extracts of violet, rosemary, chamomile, calendula and water, several kinds of wax, glycerin, arginine, alcohol, esters of fatty acids, and zinc sulphate.

Soothing body lotion Tranquillity, comfort zone

Soothing body lotion consists of 88% of ingredients of natural origin, does not contain silicones. It not only moisturizes, but also has the ability to relieve stress and tension, because the composition has an exclusive blend of oils.

The lotion is white-beige in color, has a very light, pleasant, slightly liquid texture. Glides on, instantly absorbed and does not leave a film on the skin. I really like this perfume – like the smell of fluffy natural spruce from the forest. Lasts for two hours and leaves a pleasant trail. The lotion is suitable for normal and prone to dry skin – ruthlessly destroy all the peeling!

Body lotion “Winter berries”, Yves Rocher

Milk with “delicious” “Winter berries” gently moisturizes the skin and leaves no sticky feeling, which for me is a significant plus – I use it morning and at night. Aroma of milk immerses you in the atmosphere of a country house – it seems that you drink hot tea with the berries after a walk in the cold.

The tool will not moisturize your skin for a long time, but it is convenient to use every day and take a trip – the aroma will remind you about the rest and velvety skin all winter.

Balm for face and body Baume Hydratant Visage et Corps, Hermès Voyage

Balm for face and body is designed to hydrate. The manufacturer promises to give the skin elasticity and soothe her. I like it very nice and stylish packaging: heavy bottle of metallic colors, without excesses, but stylish – grace any dressing table. In texture it is more like some “butter” because its texture is a little dense, but fat might. Absorbed within ten minutes, the result is a light film on the body that envelops the skin, but leaves no unpleasant sensations.

But most importantly – flavor. Light, citrus-fresh that lasts long on the skin. In the duet of the same fragrance reveals well – tested.

On the face use it I did not dare, because afraid to experiment with a universal means, but for the body balm was perfect. Means no longer caring, and kind of “treat” to leave on the body a pleasant train.

Body lotion Luxury Body Lotion, La Ric

The main specialization of the brand – the tools for the perfect manicure and pedicure and skin care hands and feet. I must say that the line of skin remedies for body could brand as “excellent. ” In the lotion quite a light texture which moisturizes the skin up to 4-5 hours.

This tool will not restore dry skin, but works well as an Express remedy for immediate effect. Using lotion, you receive a separate aesthetic pleasure – the packaging looks like a gold bar that is pleasant to take in hands. Natural ingredients – bonus lotion. It contains aloe, panthenol and gold, which moisturize, soften and rejuvenate the skin.

Cream Voile for the body “Honey berries”, Natura Siberica

I have very dry skin, so during the cold season I am very selective in the choice of the moisturizer. This cream was love at first application for three reasons. “The first reason is you”, rather, the consistency of the cream. It is not like a souffle, and has the consistency of butter that you want to rethoret in his hands. After application it turns into a light oil texture that deeply nourishes the skin and closes all the issues with the peeling once or twice.

The second reason is the smell and the volume of the jar. It will not be put in a travel bag, but it will last for the entire season – the size is impressive, but the consumption of the cream is very economical. Aroma of berries reminiscent of a cozy evening and gives a feeling of warmth, like after a visit to the Spa Fresh Spa Natura Siberica (of which we wrote here). The third reason is natural composition. Among the ingredients – organic sea buckthorn oil and juice of red currants, which provide a dense texture. They deeply nourish the skin and allow it to dry from the frost.

The body balm “vanilla snow”, Yves Rocher

This tool attracted me with the unusual name – the word “balm” I often meet on packages of products for hair or lips. After the first use I realized that it’s all in the consistency of melting cream that will warm the soul and nourish the body.

The body balm from the Christmas collection Yves Rocher has the consistency of butter, but it absorbs quickly and moisturizes the skin for a long time. He has a soft and melting texture – apply it after a shower in the morning. Until I get to the closet, the tool will have time to absorb and moisturize the skin well into the evening. Separately should be said about the aroma – the smell of vanilla in the moderately sweet and not Intrusive, goes well even with a fresh perfume.

Deep moisture body lotion Body Cream Hydra 24, Lundenilona

Minimalistic white tube hides a storehouse of useful ingredients is the case when the cream should read and not a write-off due to the lack of luxurious glass packaging with beautiful cover. So, in order – the cream contains hyaluronic acid, panthenol and mannan (vegetable sugar), which penetrate into the deeper layers of skin and improve moisture penetration. There are three oils – olive, macadamia and jojoba, they are responsible for the elasticity of skin and, overall, make it smooth and silky. Extracts of wheat and rye contribute to exfoliate dead skin cells, and lavender flowers help to cope with inflammation.

The list of ingredients can take an entire section of the textbook in botany, so let’s just say, after using skin feels very comfortable during the day, and the feeling of tightness does not remain also a trace.

Universal cream for the body with Dr. Konopka’s

Organic floral water of damask rose, extracts of mulberry and mulberry, Shea butter and rosemary – a cream impressive the fact that he is at 98. 9% of natural and organic ingredients. In confirmation of this fact on the package are logos of the two international certificates – Cosmos Natural and Vegan. The cream is easily and quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy residue.

It is really universal, no special anti-aging or body-shaping effects from it should not be expected. And a good quality tool for daily moisturizing of the skin. The only thing that confuses is that the tube is 75 ml of product. Such a small amount usually comes out the cosmetics for face and not body. A small tube can be convenient except in travelling, when you intentionally do not want to overload a travel cosmetic bag. But in daily care it is enough for up to a week.

Moisturizing Bikram body, Maral Root, Tuva Siberica, Natura Siberica

One of the nicest body creams I’ve tried recently. First, his unobtrusive floral scent. Not in contrast with my perfume, but complements them. Second, nice texture – creamy, melting, pale pink. Instantly absorbed, leaving a light glow and a feeling of such honest, quality moisture. When press releases tools for body writing “makes the skin silky” – it’s just about the effect of this cream. Not dense velvet, namely weightless silk. In addition, the Tuvan extracts of maral root and Dahurian rose promise soothing and anti-aging effect.

I applied the cream after the evening shower and in the morning woke up with the feeling of a new body. And no the usual peeling on my feet and elbows (I have dry skin that always needs nourishment) were not observed.

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