Crazy Rich Asians is already a huge hit with critics – and here’s why it’s important

Crazy Rich Asians isn’t even out yet, and Hollywood is already raving about it. The highly-anticipated adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s hit novel has an impressive 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 22 reviews. Granted, there’s a chance this rating could drop as more come in, but the fact it’s currently at 100 percent all but confirms Crazy Rich Asians is headed for a Certified Fresh Rating – and, hopefully, box office success.

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“Seeing this kind of onscreen representation is incredibly satisfying, especially via Kwan’s rich page-turner,” reads the review from Time Out. “A loving take on Kwan’s books, bundled up in a wildly entertaining package,” says Kate Erbland from IndieWire.

And these are just two of many stellar reviews from top critics. In addition to their actual reviews, many of them took to Twitter to express their enthusiasm for the movie. “After seeing #CrazyRichAsiansMovie I wanted to reread the book and rewatch the movie, AT ONCE. It made me that happy, and not just because of the outfits (though they are stellar),” Moira MacDonald from The Seattle Times tweets.

“Crazy Rich Asians picked an auspicious date to lift its review embargo, but by delivering a satisfying, highly entertaining romantic comedy, the filmmakers have made their own luck,” writes Brian Lowry from CNN.

And here are some more tweets from critics:

“I wanted to rewatch CRAZY RICH ASIANS as soon as the credits started rolling. It’s a wonderful romantic comedy with culturally distinct (but universally relatable) stakes. It’s also a moving-as-hell affirmation of Asian American identity,” tweets Inkoo Kang from Slate.

CRAZY RICH ASIANS: Come for the billionaire lifestyle porn; stay for Michelle Yeoh turning a plate of uncooked dumplings into the most wrenching disquisition on parental love, guilt and sacrifice since … hmm, THE JOY LUCK CLUB. Go figure.

– Justin Chang (@JustinCChang) August 9, 2018

If ya missed it last night, upbeat aspirational movies about zillionaires make me a little queasy these days. But they can still be fun!

– Richard Lawson (@rilaws) August 9, 2018

“#CrazyRichAsians takes the fairy tale trope that has defined our cultural understand of romance, and gives it new life by showing that it doesn’t belong to blue-eyed, blonde haired Cinderella,” writes Anne Cohen for Refinery 29.

#CrazyRichAsians takes the fairy tale trope that has defined our cultural understand of romance, and gives it new life by showing that it doesn’t belong to blue-eyed, blonde haired Cinderella. Plus, it has one of the best makeover montages ever! My review:

– Anne Cohen (@anneesthercohen) August 9, 2018

This bout of critical acclaim is coming on the heels of #GoldOpen, a social media campaign started by digital media entrepreneur Bing Chen to make sure Crazy Rich Asians has a banner opening weekend. “EVERY MOVEMENT NEEDS ITS MAFIA,” he tweeted earlier. “That’s why 100+ of us have bought out theaters to give #CrazyRichAsians a #GoldOpen. Join us and buy your tickets NOW for opening week on @Fandango.com.”

This early praise should certainly help drive viewers to movie theaters next weekend. After all, the 24/7 nature of our news cycle makes positive reviews impossible to ignore – and with people’s time and funds limited, they want to make sure they’re seeing something good.
The early Twitter response to Crazy Rich Asians seems to mirror this Rotten Tomatoes slam drunk. Check out some responses, below:

Just watched #CrazyRichAsians last night and I am so filled with pride. Finally a movie that made me feel badass, funny, and sophisticated while staying true to Asian culture. Even if you aren’t Asian, you will find yourself in these characters. SEE. THIS. MOVIE. SEE. THIS. MOVIE

– Ross Butler (@RossButler) August 8, 2018

Pro tip: #CrazyRichAsians will make you hella hungry for dumplings so you should probably bring your own to the movie theater, you’re welcome

– jen yamato (@jenyamato) August 8, 2018

#CrazyRichAsians is my favorite movie of the year so far. I learned a lot, I laughed so much and I looked up flights to Singapore right after and wow I cannot afford there! I will see this film in theaters more than Mamma Mia 2. Pls click on my review:

– Carrie Wittmer?? (@carriesnotscary) August 9, 2018

Crazy Rich Asians is out in the US on August 15th, but hits UK cinemas on the 2nd November.

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