June 21, 2024

Crappy video games that didn’t do your favourite tv shows justice 18, Photos

We’ve already done a post outlining some of the best TV-to-video game adaptations HERE, so now it’s time to move on to the worst.

When you find out that your favourite show is getting a video game adaptation, you either get really excited, or really nervous, right? It’s either gonna be the greatest shit on the planet and allow you to enter that world, or it’s going to be a waste of time and money.

These are such a waste, as they could have been fantastic. Such a shame.

24: The Game

I really wanted to like this game, because I was a huge fan of the show, and the game was supposed to bridge some gaps. While it benefitted from great likenesses, the cast lending their voices and a fantastic story, it was just a dud. The controls were clunky, the A. I. wasn’t very intelligent, and the graphics outside of the cut scenes weren’t very good. To top it all off, the reason we play the game, aka. the shooting and taking down terrorism threats, wasn’t very exciting.

Titus Interactive

Superman 64

This game pretty much makes every list of bad games, because it’s such a sham. Based on Lois Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, but looking like it belonged to the animated series, the game was plagued with bad flying mechanics, really bad graphics, annoying sound and it really had no major story to speak of. It looks and feels like a rush job.

Absolute Entertainment

Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit!

The SNES had it’s fair share of bad games, but this one was ill advised. You play as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, and you have to recover the missing tools from the newly-released Binford line. It was boring, poorly rendered and played as a cheap Pitfall knockoff.


The Addams Family: Fester’s Quest

This spin-off game uses Uncle Fester to fight off aliens that are invading earth. On one had, it makes no sense that Fester’d be the guy to be the hero of a game, plus the 3D graphics and the difficult system of upgrading weapons, this game should just be snapped out of existence.


The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

When it comes to games based on this show, they’re either really good like the Telltale Series, or they’re not. While you get to play as Daryl Dixon, the graphics, gameplay, combat and sound are really bad. So bad, that even

The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, distanced himself from this game.


Lost: Via Domus

I really wanted to love this one too, as I’m a huge fan of Lost, but I couldn’t really love it. I like it, because I got to explore the island, but the graphics, short story and lack of original voice actors just threw me off. I’ll still throw it on the Xbox when I’m feeling nostalgic and wander, but it’s not one I’d play over and over again.


The Sopranos: Road to Respect

Frankly, I didn’t even know this game existed at first, but it should have been a hit. Between the characters from the show and the gangster genre being huge for games, it actually missed on all counts. While the game at least had the voice actors, the story kinda sucked.


Charlie’s Angels” The Game

Ok, so this is cheating. But the game is based off of a movie that was based off of a tv show, so I’m including it. Because it’s that bad. When the entire game as the angels in bikinis’s for no real reason, you know you’re off to a bad start. Throw in some bad fighting, unnatural graphics and a shitty soundtrack.


The Office

Whoever thought that this show could be a successful game, should be buried under a mountain of paper and sent to the recycling plant. This game sucks. Plus, representing all the characters as strange bobbleheads and having them play pranks on each other, doesn’t create a best selling game.

Aspyr Media

The Shield: The Game

This show was fantastic. You had corrupt cops, violent gangs, and a shit ton of violence. Sadly, those awesome elements didn’t make it into the game. It should have worked, but the gameplay was buggy and the missions and shootouts were boring. Not sure how you make being a corrupt cop boring, but they found a way.

DoubleTap Games

The Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos

I’m not really into fishing games, but that’s probably because I’m not a fisherman in real life. But I hear they can be pretty fun. This game isn’t. Based on the show, you’ve got a series of mini-games that become insanely repetitive, as you try to bring in the biggest haul by the end of the season. Also, considering the game came out in 2010, but looks like it’s from 2000, says a lot about the attention to detail.

Buena Vista Games

Desperate Housewives: The Game

Yep, someone thought this would be a good idea. Playing as a cheap version of The Sims, you plays as a housewife with amnesia, who does the daily chores and tries to remember what happened in the neighbourhood. There’s a lot of backstabbing, stealing, lying and dusting that goes on in this stupid game.


The Simpsons Wrestling

Generally, a video game based off of The Simpsons should be a winner, right? Not this one. The game used some strange cell-shading to make it look animated, but instead, made it a mess. Plus the moves were horrible, the camera angles sucked and overall, the game was a waste of an interesting concept.


American Idol

Do I really need to explain why this game was shit? It’s a mess, where you button mash to determine how well you sing for the judges, then they decide. It would have been better if you could use a mic and sing with your natural voice, rather than manipulate a video game character to sing in key.

Acclaim Entertainment

Alf: The Game

For some reason, SEGA thought that a game about a cat-eating alien was gonna sell some numbers. In the game, you wander through the Tanner household, looking for parts to build your spaceship. Except, it all sucks – the controls, the story and the sound makes you want to rip your ears out.


South Park N64

While South Park has developed some wicked games that have been fun to play, this early one was a flop. In the game, you pick one of the 4 kids, and use snowballs, squirt guns and a cow cannon to shoot at enemies. That’s it.

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