July 22, 2024

Crane left UP…power lines / traffic lights crash DOWN 7, Photos

While parked near a busy intersection in Wilmington, NC, a guy notices that a truck was about to do something very stupid. Naturally, he picked up his cell phone and recorded the raised crane crashing through everything in its path.

Let’s begin with the power/telephone lines…they make some some nice sparks as the raised crane grabs them.

Now the driver is feeling pot-committed as he enters the intersection.

At this point in the video, you can hear the power lines “reeling-in” on the snagged crane.

Time to complete the deal…personally, I understand b/c who really “likes” stop lights anyways?

Boom. One dead baby shy of the trifecta.

Wait…if you watch and listen to the video, you can hear power lines blowing-up a transformer too.

It’s a short video but the audio really does add an element of, “yeah dude, ya really f’ed man”.

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