June 24, 2024

Cowboy boots became the brightest trend of shoe fashion for women

Calling cowboy boots a new trend will not turn the language, they are rather an ancient and traditional thing.

Antiquity is determined not only by the fact that they have not left the shelves of shoe shops for ten years and one of the designers (in this season, for example, Anna Sui has distinguished herself), no, yes, she will show a cowboy boot.

And not even the fact that in the sixties on the screens in them she cut with the lasso Brigitte Bardot – it’s all a kindergarten compared to the fact that a certain SS Shive patented patterns and a knitting machine for boots “one-piece Wellington” already in 1847 year!

Then the style, borrowed from American shepherds-cowboys, and those even earlier at the Spanish conquistadors, fell to the taste of a wide range of military, riders and travelers in America. And now, under the name “cowboy boots”, they once again triumphantly enter the spring fashion,

American Nesting Dolls

Still, the cowboy boots of the spring of 2007 have new details that will make it possible to single out the direction in a fresh trend. But first about the very concept of “cowboy style. ” According to Irina Tsynert, PR manager at Rossita, the cowboy style has not lost its relevance in the fashion world for many years, because one of the wealthiest and most solvent markets for shoes and clothing is the American: “The Cowboy style for the US – it’s like a Russian doll for Russia, it’s an integral part of their culture, and many famous designers, working, are oriented to the American client, using the characteristic features of this direction. ”

By the way, in Europe cowboy boots are called “camperos”, they are called “Cossacks” only in Russia, and this footwear has nothing to do with the Cossack military uniform, except that it is a bit like “choboty” – short non-military boots. Although, if this style was close only to the Americans, it is unlikely that he would find such a response in the hearts of the world community. In cowboy boots there is an attractive sense of tradition, good quality and irreproachable, time-tested style.

Features and differences

In the original, cowboy boots feature a curved pointed nose, a rounded top, aged skin, the lack of any kind of fasteners and the presence of metal fittings.

In this season, female cowboy boots are distinguished by a neat, rounded nose and the use of perforated leather – that is, leather with a knocked out ornament ornaments. Colors of spring cowboys: white, beige, light brown and coral, the colors of “champagne” and “chocolate. ”A fashionable detail is a pronounced effect of attrition.

“It is important to note that leather and denim with the aging effect are still in fashion. The skin is artificially aged to get the effect of faded and shabby footwear, “says Elina Pykhalova, head of the marketing department of footwear stores” Askania “.

Features of this spring season are indicated by Elena Azhina, administrator of the TJ Collection store: “This year the Cossacks are decorated with an unusual for cowboy style accessories – crystals, large multi-colored stones, old coins, ethnic pendants. Interesting and a new form of boot – shortened, the so-called ankle boots – a height slightly higher than the ankle. ”

The heel on cowboy boots also has an original, stable shape – even in those times when this footwear was an accessory of the American shepherds, it was carried out with an easy narrowing downwards. This did not interfere with walking, made the shoes more attractive externally and most importantly – the cowboy easily “thrust” the heel into the ground while working with a lasso in the pen to ensure more emphasis and stability.

Today heels, besides traditional ones, are offered in the form of a platform, just a low square heel and even a hairpin.

According to Pyhalova Elina, a special trend of this spring in cowboy style are summer boots with perforated leather without lining or with textile details. They can be started to be worn in the spring, when the snow comes down and continue to flaunt in them in the beginning of summer.

With what to wear?

Cowboy style in the modern sense has already lost its original meaning and takes on bizarre forms: one can often see a star of American cinema walking along the red carpet in a satin silk dress and cowboy boots. An important detail – in cowboy boots, in which the bootleg does not tighten the leg tightly, you can refill your jeans, not being afraid to look dressed tasteless and old-fashioned.

Ankle boots, for example, can be worn even with leggings and elongated sweaters that have come into fashion, but here one should not forget about the sense of proportion and follow the combination of colors.

It’s also important to remember that fashion does not replace style. Tendencies need to be taken into account, but the orientation solely on what glossy magazines offer, and what occupies all the shelves of fashion stores, does not guarantee the creation of an individual, vivid image. Nothing can replace the taste, sense of proportion, love for yourself and the use of time-tested and fashionable details. Good clothes!

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