February 21, 2024

Country girl pursuing a gunsmith degree in college 36, Photos

“Someone asked me, ‘what I’m so afraid of? ’, since I’m always carrying. I said, “nothing”. Meet a country girl named Sophie Swaney.

Sophie Swaney

Sophie is currently in North Carolina pursuing her college degree in gunsmithing.

Yep, she’s learning the history and hands-on maintenance/repairs of firearms.

This gal fishes…


“Venison and cream cheese stuffed jalapeños for dinner”

…loves being out-doors with her pups AND actually is studying to get a job working on guns.

“Casting away my cares. ”

“The captain’s chair is my happy place. ”

Follow her on Instagram: @sophieswaney

“Happy Father’s Day to the man, the myth, the legend himself. Randall Swaney, the one that sparked my passion for the outdoors; whether it was hunting, fishing, shooting or just spending days on the farm. Thank you for providing me with the best childhood and teaching me how to support and provide for myself. I love you so much Daddy. ”

“Spent more time in the deer stand than I did at my house while I’ve been home. ”

“First flounder of the year…. . one inch short of a keeper. ” As in, she knows the rules of fishing/hunting.

“Perfect day for a four wheeler ride and putting out corn. ”

“Happy birthday to the best country in the world, America. ”

“Sunday gunday is good for the soul. ”

Of course she vacations in Destin, Florida. (You’ve gotta live in the South to understand that statement)

“I carry because I am in charge of protecting myself. ” Follow her on Instagram: @sophieswaney

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