July 23, 2024

Could switching up our skincare be the key to mindfulness?

Our modern-day mentality is all about quick turnarounds. None of this ’30 days to great results’ business. Do. Not. Waste. Our. Time.

To satisfy our inner impatience, philosophy’s Purity Made Simple range promises to transform skin in as little as three days. That’s less than one working week! Our GLAMOUR girls find time to trial the products, in between meetings, writing, filming, editing…

There’s no doubt about it, this is fast, premium skincare at its best. But should we be concerned at our need for speed?

We claim to be serenity seekers, simply caught up in the whirlwind of life. Yet, when a rare minute of calm appears, we ruin it by giving others access via posts, streams and messages. *Yes, I am in a garden. It’s so tranquil here. The only sounds are birdsong, rustling leaves, and the incessant pinging of notifications on my phone. *

Encouraging us to be in the moment, philosophy’s Purity range houses its skin-loving formulas in self-loving packaging. ‘Focus on what can be instead of what is,’ ‘treat others the way you want to be treated,’ and ‘embrace your true self’ are just some of the mindful messages displayed on their products, which include a makeup-dissolving micellar water, a vitamin-rich, lightweight moisturiser and a purifying, exfoliating clay mask. Each one is ultra-gentle, and suitable for all skin types.

Some of you were sold at ‘self-loving’. And when we tell you the products have a delicate, airy scent which sends you into a state of pure bliss… oh, you’ve just bought the entire range (and discovered how reasonably priced the products are at the same time)?

For others, it’s all about the efficacy. We should probably mention that philosophy‘s Purity Cleanser is the No1 facial cleanser in the US. That’s thanks to its 12 essential oils that soothe your skin, and the fact that it cleanses to lift makeup and impurities, tones and hydrates – all at once.

Now, that’s a calming thought.

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