May 24, 2024

Cosmetics that works: the main novelties of the year

God is not over yet, and the brands already introduced the world to more than 400 beauty novelties! These are the calculations of the editorial Board BeautyHack and analysis of the weekly column “Buy impossible to forget”.

The new material – only the best care for face, body, hair and makeup, which stayed on the shelves and beauty editors.

Soothing moisturizing gel Calm Water Gel, Dermalogica

In edition first a means tested senior editor BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya: “This tool is ideal for dehydrated skin prone to irritations and will also appeal to those who don’t like the feeling of a greasy cream on the face”. Weightless gel on the skin turns into a light fluid, which melts and creates an invisible barrier against external aggressions.

Успокаивающий увлажняющий гель Calm Water Gel, Dermalogica

The basis of gel – double hyaluronic acid, which affects the different levels of the epidermis to retain moisture inside for a long time. To get rid of blackheads will help Apple extract and glycerin, to soothe the skin and relieve redness ingredient, the name of which recalls a spell from the “Harry Potter” – an extract of the stem of Opuntia.

Matifying purifying mask and The Mud Mask Mattifying Coach, Sephora

Матирующая очищающая маска The Mud Mask Mattifying Coach, Sephora

After Sephora appeared in Russia, we said no need to wait for funds a few weeks in the mail or make a shopping list before you travel. A series of new masks in – house design Sephora. Matting tested SMM-Manager BeautyHack Alexander Grishin:

“The mask fits tightly to the skin and makes it silky. Matte finish did not disappoint: oily Shine in the T-zone really was not for six hours, and all 15 minutes while the mask was on my face, I was doing a selfie – the time flew by”. The second tool in the series – the mask with extracts of charcoal – we have entrusted to test a dermatologist: results here.

Balancing cream with extract of white tea, JorgObé

Балансирующий крем с экстрактом белого чая, JorgObé

Found a universal tool or just a smart cream that will cope with the hated greasy luster. Danish brand JorgObé have long won the hearts butyricum the world, and now appeared on the Russian market the novelty has already tried Alexander Grishin:

“Appreciated the effect a couple of days – oiliness in the T-zone was at times less, and if the glitter is noticeable, it’s more like a healthy glow than a person who never heard of matting napkins.

The cream is a natural formulation that sounds more like the ingredients for something tasty. Jojoba oil (moisturizing), licorice root, and rosemary (lining color of the skin), argan and sesame oil (soften and nourish)”.

Moisturiser, primer and Radiance Cream Smart illuminizer, 03 Glowing Rose, Kiko Milano

Увлажняющий крем, праймер и иллюминайзер Smart Radiance Cream, 03 Glowing Rose, Kiko Milano

Base with glow – makeup editor BeautyHack Daria Sizova. With the onset of cold weather, the skin becomes dull, gray as the sky outside the window: save in this case only serum with vitamin C (especially these) and primers with shining particles, which give the face a healthy look.

“New from Kiko offers a versatile way to use the tool and as a base under makeup and as a moisturizer and as illuminizer. Nice texture spreads easily on the skin and absorbs quickly. The element of moisture is felt immediately – in the composition is hyaluronic acid.

Applicator in the form of brushes are convenient, but can share with too many funds distribute any excess on the collarbone, giving them a slight glow. ”

A two-component complex masks “milk and Honey” Honey Milk Mask Dual Kit, Double Dare OMG!

Двухкомпонентный комплекс масок «Мед и молоко» Honey Milk Dual Mask Kit, Double Dare OMG!

A new set of masks of the Korean brand Double Dare OMG! this time adorned Cleopatra – “blame” to the media. In the list of ingredients – African black soap, honey, goat milk and cocoa.

As a first step, apply tissue mask for cleansing: formed on the face of the foam, it is recommended to remove after three minutes and continue the treatment with the second mask. Its protective and nourishing properties not only moisturize your skin but will also reduce the visibility of wrinkles. The mask hold it longer – and the remainder spread Pat on the neck and decollete.

Night lip mask Buttermask For Lips, Kiehl’s

Ночная маска для губ Buttermask For Lips, Kiehl’s

Part lip balms Kiehl’s – true professionals. The range of the brand is and sticks with SPF and tinted balms to the effect of “zatselovali” lip (one of them can be read here), and now we have the heavy artillery – the balm for intense hydration and recovery.

Solid the consistency of the tool melts on the lips – and no wonder: coconut oil and wild mango in composition argue for a major role.

Suggest to make friends with the new if you love matte lipsticks, in this case, you need to apply the mask for 15 minutes before makeup and then blot lips with a napkin. Peeling and tightness will be held after the first application, and if the situation is critical, the mask can be applied and throughout the day – like a regular lip balm.

Moisturizing essence lotion for the face microspheres Camellia Hydra Beauty Micro Essence Liquid, Chanel

Увлажняющий лосьон-эссенция для лица с микросферами камелии Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence, Chanel

Lotion since summer is located on the shelf editor Dasha Sizova: “My dry and sensitive skin is approached. He has a light texture, it does not leave the skin sticky and is instantly absorbed. Immediately after application there was a feeling that the skin is “cheered” as if I washed in cold spring water. But I didn’t notice tightness – Camellia extract feed the skin and left a very comfortable feeling. After the lotion didn’t even want to apply the cream. Woke up the next morning with smooth and velvety skin. Wonders! ”

Moisturizing cleansing micellar water Micellar Cleansing Water, CeraVe

Увлажняющая очищающая мицеллярная вода Micellar Cleansing Water, CeraVe

This year, the Russian butyric was finally able to try the range of brands CeraVe and have appreciated the mild gel cleanser and super-moisturizing lotions (products quickly became bestsellers). Now you can get acquainted with the micellar water, mercilessly and at the same time delicately dealt with all kinds of dirt on her face.

Pros the tools are many: first, the water is suitable for all skin types and Allergy sufferers – it passed the assessment by the European centre for Allergy research. Second, thanks to its ultra-soft formula can be used for cleansing the eye area – no burning and tingling feel. Thirdly, it’s not just “soap” solution, but a means to care micellar water hydrates the skin and strengthens its protective barrier. Responsible ceramides and Niacinamide in the composition of the last soothes irritated skin.

Soothing facial cleanser with plant extracts Soothing Comfort Foam Cleanser, SkinCeuticals

Cleanser from SkinCeuticals has long been settled in the beauty locker Anastasia Speranskaya. Recently the brand has released the foam for those with sensitive and problem skin – Soothing Cleanser Comfort Foam. It effectively but very gently cleanses the skin of impurities, while providing a calming effect.

Composed again, not without amino acids. They will prevent excess sebum and removes stubborn makeup. But if your skin is prone to flaking, you’ll love beselna formula foam, after washing just will not have the feeling of tightness. Moisturizing and calming action took extracts of Orchid and cucumber together they not only soften and relieve irritation, but also will strengthen the protective barrier. Use the foam and after cosmetic procedures – such as peels or laser resurfacing.

Hydrophilic balm Don’t Touch My Face, Organic Kitchen

The long-awaited collaboration of Adele Miftakhova and Organic Kitchen pleased all butyricum – together, they released a hydrophilic balm to cleanse the skin with an appetizing consistency and at least a delicious aroma (smells like freshly squeezed grapefruit juice). New tried SMM-Manager BeautyHack Alexander Grishin: “My first acquaintance with hydrophilic balms started with this means – to be honest, I thought to wash off the makeup something resembling ghee, and dry skin is simply impossible. But my doubts were dispelled in the dust after the first use. Very nice and interesting sensations when you remove makeup for the person who used to do it cotton pads and micellar water. Special bonuses: price, economical and convenient miniature package. In addition, there is a whole riot of organic oils: jojoba, grapeseed, almond, sea buckthorn and sunflower”.

Face mask WASO Purifying Peel Off Mask, Shiseido

In September on the official website there is a mask line of WASO. This collection of the Japanese brand was initially devoted to the millenials – those who are slightly over twenty. Modern technology, excellent protective properties and a stylish packaging these advantages come together in a novelty.

The mask not only lift your spirits cheerful red color, but also literally relieve stress after a hard day. On the skin the paste into a film, taking which, you thoroughly clean the pores of dirt and also get rid of dead skin cells. Parabens and mineral oils do not find, but rejoice in the presence of extract from the leaves of loquat and Japanese herb shiso.

Roll-on deodorant Pomegranate, Weleda

Garnet collection-summer bestseller from Weleda deodorant enriched with the scent of candy. “Exotic blend of orange and davana with balsamic notes of vanilla won’t kill your perfume, but have a great and prevent other unwanted smells throughout the day. Like all tools, brand new 100% composed of natural ingredients and contains no aluminum salts, phthalates and preservatives that can not only clog pores, but also lead to more serious consequences,” – commented on his choice Anastasia Speranskaya.

Hand cream Castelbajac “Shea,” L’occitane

New L’occitane cream with Shea butter in a dark blue packaging with the stars – already adorned makeup assistant edition BeautyHack Arina Saruda:

“I love creams with a high content of oils, but they should not be oily in consistency. Cream baby from L’occitane – what you need. The contents of Shea butter in it 20%, and the composition includes a mixture of almonds and honey and my favorite coconut oil! It may seem that the cream is a thick, oily texture (at the first application, I for a moment got the impression), but it is not so: the consistency of a light, and the cream is absorbed instantly, leaving skin velvety soft without feeling “lubricity”. The divine aroma complements the picture, and the format of the small tube just for me. ”

Set of tools for body care Ceramidin Body Set I, Dr. Jart+

Edition BeautyHack in love with cosmetics from the Korean brand Dr. Jart+. Their mask-shakers and even BB concealers (of which you can read here) has proven itself as a means, instantly transforms the skin. Now Dr. Jart+ will take care about the skin of the body, the brand released its first line treatments based on ceramides.

These components forming the lipid barrier of the skin, especially needed in the cold season. Fortunately, Sunny yellow-white collection of body oils, lotion, scrub, hand cream and shower gel will save from dryness and improve skin elasticity. To meet part of the collection by using convenient sets – for example, in Body Set I you will find a full size shower gel and body lotion travel-size, which in an emergency situation will serve as a hand cream. The aroma of all funds resembles a mixture of herbs and lemon. And if for lotion moisturizing properties are not uncommon, the shower gel definitely will surprise you. Its membership has included 5 types of ceramides and the same types of hyaluronic acid – moisturizing can be felt immediately.

Nourishing oil for body and hair The des Vignes by Caudalie

“It seems, in the editorial wound up the little glue sniffer” – we were joking about editor Dasha Sizov, when she came new from Caudalie.

“The same oil from the “divine” ruler “flew away” from me for two weeks. And the consumption of the products are very economical – it is a permanent desire to put it for no reason (why – read here). Means new line the Des Vignes properties very similar to the “counterpart” of the “divine” series – moisturizes the skin and gives the sea of positive emotions. The multifunctional oil – paint on body and hair. In the numerous trips the oil helps to significantly save space in the suitcase instead of three bottles in a travel cosmetic bag is only one. ”

Revitalizing salt body scrub Nutria Recharging Salt Body Scrub, moisturizer

Want to have a little Spa ritual at home? Trust Lumene cosmetics for the creation of Harmonia collection the brand was inspired by Finnish sauna. New collection – salt scrub Nutria Recharging – appreciated editor BeautyHack Julia Casoli:

“In all of the funds from the line of the main component became the Northern Chaga mushroom, with super ability to absorb oxygen radicals. Among the ingredients the scrub also noted antioxidants, zinc, copper, calcium and magnesium. Not without oil: why the scrub does not injure even the most sensitive and delicate skin, leaving it hydrated. New fresh herbal aroma visibly tightens the skin, therefore it wants to use even more frequently than normal (recommended 1-2 times per week)”.

Lip balms Eclat Minute 07 Hot Pink, Clarins

Clarins in their spring collection has released two new shades of colored lip balms Eclat Minute. Blogger and columnist BeautyHack Elvira, Chabakauri will not part with both: “they Have a very thin package that can fit in any pocket, the delicious smell of red berries. And most importantly – they work well as balms, but at the same time it is quite juicy and bright colors. Hot Pink is a warm coral shade, very refreshing. Can apply even without a mirror! ”

Matte lipstick-the lip pencil LeRougeCrayondeCouleurMat, shade Impact, Chanel

“In the autumn of the face can be made more colorful and expressive: bold, bright, completely opaque line of the lips will look very natural,” says Lucia Pica, presenting autumn-winter collection makeup Le Mat De Chanel. Her star – lipstick pencil in 6 juicy shades. Anastasia Speranskaya chose a bright beet color Impact: “This is the perfect lipstick for those who are not used to spend on makeup more than fifteen minutes, so as to create a contour, thanks to a convenient form, it is easier than to put the signature on the document. The pencil glides on lips, hanging in there, but it does not form a dry iron-concrete finish”.

BB-drop, Erborian

This is not a standalone tool, and enriching elixir that gives smooth tone, all imperfections become less visible, while it is a little pores and skin looks smoother and more radiant.

It is important to note that BB drop is not just concentrated tone: contains Ginseng extract that smoothes the skin and makes it noticeably soft and smooth!

“Excellent product – love to use a drop on weekends when there is no need to “draw a person”, but I want to be able fresh and beautiful! ” comments means the blogger Veronica Zabrovskaya.

Eyeliner Diorshow Cooling Stick, Dior

The pencil in the purse editor BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa: “the Remedy due to this fact in some incredible cooling effect – eye relaxed and easier to tolerate an 8-hour work day in front of a computer. The pencil literally glides on. To put it simply, a shade even lighter. It’s water resistant, so suitable for any time of the year. ”

Brow gel Gimme Brow, Benefit

This season the brand is famous for cosmetics for eyebrows, perfected the formula. The novelty will appeal to girls with fine and thin eyebrows will make your eyebrows thick and volume in a snap! “Gimme Brow is very convenient brush with which the gel is easily distributed. Microfiber will do samkya thin eyebrows thick and expressive, while maintaining their natural,” is the verdict of the editor Dasha Sizova.

Palette eyeshadow Capri Eye Shadow Palette, Bobbi Brown

The facility has two tangible benefits that make it ideal: great pigmentation of the shadows are easy to blend, and the richness and diversity of shades, which you can create easy daytime and impressive evening make-up. With powdery dark blue tint can be an unusual smoky eyes and enhance the color depth of the eye. Bright cream shadow, apply in the corners to make the eyes look more open.

Neo Nude Powder Fusion Powder, Giorgio Armani

The main tool in the new fall collection Neo Nude – this powder. Thanks to its innovative formula, in contact with skin Fusion Powder turns into a gentle enveloping liquid, which merges with it together, allowing you to avoid blur and sharp lines.

Foundation Phenomenon Nude Semi Matte SPF 20, Sergey Naumov

Edition BeautyHack regularly uses lip balms from make-up artist Sergei Naumov, and now the collection of the brand is enriched, and the range of Foundation funds to create the effect of a porcelain skin. SMM-Manager BeautyHack Alexander Grishin tried the darkest and lightest shades from the new collection Phenomenon. “What we have: 2 radically different shades from light to dark which, when mixed it turns the right color for a few seasons. For me it is a real salvation – two cans will make you as darkie, and the snow Queen (without fanaticism). The tools semi-matte finish, but not without beautiful, healthy glow.

My personal secret – I often mix tone day cream, if you want to achieve a translucent finish”.

Palette eyeshadow Naked Cherry, Urban Decay

Not so long ago buthelesi said goodbye to the legendary Naked palette brand that was discontinued (talked about it here). But the brand just couldn’t take and not give something in return. New palette Naked Cherry already rated editor BeautyHack Karina Andreeva:

“New – just space. Before was in my hands, and I was sure it’s a real godsend for brown-eyed girls. Cherry shades – Paradise butyricum! 12 rich colors with a matte and shiny texture, excellent shading and durability for all day (especially if you use a good base Primer Potion for eye makeup brand). My favorite shade – matte rich mauve the feelz. It can be applied to mono, and can be combined with a black arrow. Matte ivory shade Hop Spot, shining pink Bang Bang, pinkish-peach Turn On – they can also be used solo for Express makeup. ”

Multifunctional fixing powder Fixit Powder, Krygina Cosmetics

Start Krygina Cosmetics is one of the main beauty event of the fall! (read more about the mass line Elena Krygina told us in an interview). Anastasia Speranskaya has already tested new products and shared his impressions of the dust Fixit Powder, which accurately assess owner combination to oily skin:

“During the interview Lena told that the powder was originally conceived as a fixing pigment agent, and its ability to wash clean the pores from the face has become “effects”! Looking at the perfect skin of Lena, he realized the powder I need. Indeed, the pores become invisible, skin – smooth and even as velvet. If concealer earlier invariably began to “float” in the evening, it is now firmly held during the working day.

And Fixit Powder is the fine powder that I have ever met. It microscopic spherical particles that fill in fine lines and smooth out the bumps on the face. And, of course, used the new appointment: painted red arrows red pigment Concrete Ruby and fixed powder makeup withstood and evening, and night. ”

Eyebrow pencil Eyebrow Pencil Sexy, shades of Ice Blonde and Ash Brown, Romanovamakeup

Makeup artist Olga Romanova knows firsthand how hard it is for blondes find the perfect shade of eyebrow pencil. Unnatural red undertone, which could not be shading texture, inconvenient that it’s not exactly about the new Romanovamakeup, because Olga updated collection of pencils for the eyebrows, adding to its two universal shades of Ash Brown and Ice Blonde.

Sexy pencil Eyebrow Pencil is pretty solid – is ideal for drawing in the missing hairs, and for filling large areas (just need to feather the brush tool). If Ash Brown will suit almost everyone, the Ice Blonde is a true godsend for blondes gray undertone will naturally emphasize eyebrows and to give them the desired volume.

Makeup palette Temptation Total, Maybelline New York

New palette from Maybelline New York is just 8 shades of eye shadows and 2 highlighter, which optionally also can become the bright shining focus in the eye makeup. Sasha Grishina took a novelty to the trip and did not regret his choice, when he had in Express mode to make up for the release of:

“Daytime or evening makeup – this palette can do anything. From off-pink matte shade to the graphite shimmer for smoky eyes for every mood and event you can easily create the desired image. For dinner in the Italian town of Monza, I have relied on makeup in terracotta tones, is my favorite shade in the palette located to the left, it will be the second from the bottom. The color reminded me of a holiday in Portugal and on the roofs of Lisbon. The outer corner of the eye, said rich brown tint, and in the center of the century added a bit of highlighter Golden – eyes shone! Suggest lighter shades to use as a base to navigate easily, because for beginners on the back of the packaging there are instructions”.

Liquid eyeliner Liquidlast Liner, tint, Keep It Current, M. A. C

In the summer season of festivals and open-airs M. A. C has released a collection of liquid eyeliners that transcend everything: heat, rain, and even the worst beauty sin of sleeping with were nesmytogo makeup. Shades for every taste, from matte emerald Late Night to the sparkling Golden Naked Bond.

In the hands of the Anastasia Speranskaya was Keep it Currant is a shade of currant jam: “first, tools are very convenient brush – not too long, not too hard, even going in a hurry for work, you can create something worthwhile. Despite the fact that the formula is water resistant, the eyeliner does not set the stone on the eyelid – there is a time to draw a clear line and watch as the creamy texture is slowly but surely becoming dull. On the first day of “testing” decided to wash off eye makeup with micellar water (best is here), but the eyeliner stayed perfect. Helped only hydrophilic oil, so durability is a solid “five”! ”

Illuminating powder Highlighting Powder, shade Albatross, NARS

Now Shine there are six different shades such as pink mother of pearl, champagne or sparkling color for years of classic bronze. As for snow white, proudly bearing the aristocratic pallor in weight, will suit a light Golden Albatross lends to the face an angelic glow.

Opponents of glitter on the face, rejoice – new NARS made by technology Seamless Glow and contains spherical micro particles of dust and mother of pearl that reflects the light. Thanks to this formula highlighter blends into the skin and creates a natural glow, which, by the way, it is easy to enhance – rather apply the product with a damp cloth.

Lipstick + blush stick Lip Cheek Gel Blush, Soda

We have already talked about the unusual kushane for lips and cheeks from the bright and playful brand Soda – creations of the blogger and artist Lena Sadlynow. Lipstick and blush in the stick continues the summer theme of natural. In soft pink barrel – a gelling agent melting on the skin and creates a natural glow and childish cute blush. Tag #dabitonyourface on the package understand literally blend tool hammered movements fingertips on the “apples” of the cheeks and lips.

Gold Rush Blush, Benefit

Summer runway brands picked up the trend and began to produce new products, with which the lips can be turned into a shimmering, rose petals, and the apples of the cheeks – mellow peaches.

Blush with a hint of Golden honey nectar tested Yulia Casoli: “Golden coating hides a soft pink shade of blush, giving a natural effect of “sun-kissed” skin. Means perfectly shade and stand, and convenient packaging with brush and mirror (same as the mini-version) life easier. Take blush with me and update Golden play throughout the day”.

Matt sticks lip Artist Lip Blush, Make Up For Ever

Trend “zatselovali” lip does not hand over positions, and a new collection of tools from the leading brands is the only prove. Here and Make Up For Ever has released a unique matte lipstick, which, if the feather is magically transformed into a powder and creates a velvety finish on the lips. Want to create a clear outline or shade of the border – it depends on you, so feel free to arm a brush and try different options (apply, by the way, and fingertips).

Despite the matte component, the lipstick does not dry lips: the ingredients list includes three types of oils and hyaluronic acid, through which the stick smoothes the surface of lips and does not accentuate imperfections. To pick the perfect color can: in the palette there are casual Nude and classic red colors (there are ten).


Shampoo for gentle cleansing Gentle Cleansing Shampoo Luxury Black Seed Oil, moisturizing conditioner Moisture Replenish Conditioner Luxury Black Seed Oil and revitalizing mask, Revitalizing Masque Luxury Black Seed Oil, CHI

Social media Manager Sasha Grishin in the entire series CHI “bribed” the Foundation of black seed oil: “I drink a teaspoon every morning for a year, and it retains moisture throughout the body. Shampoo gently cleanses the hair from impurities. The very good foam – enough to apply a small pea for the whole length of the hair, and beat their hands.

Air conditioning made it easier to comb – comb downright glided through the hair. Once dry my hair, I see a nice healthy natural Shine. And the mask adds visual strands of density and smoothness. Bonus – they don’t get confused, and the effect persists for several days, not until the next wash”.

Set Student Agenda Was Made For Hair Perfector No. 3 Invisibobble Edition

Student agenda was made for a brand needs no introduction – but if earlier care had to go to the salons, now professional care for hair at home. For this student agenda was made for has teamed up with another famous brand – Invisibboble to release a limited set of indispensable tools in miniature format. In the box with the beautiful illustrations you’ll find two bottle of elixir Hair Perfector No. 3 and three erasers black or white.

The mask and relax for hair and scalp The Let It Go Circle, Davines

Davines mask peppy plaid packs will act as an Express associate for any hair needs. They are all called Circle is composed of natural ingredients and suitable for those who lead a hyperactive lifestyle and in a state of round-the-clock deadline.

“The relaxation effect and instant recovery search for “bag” in pink cage – Let It Go, The Circle will reassure not only you but also your hair. Compact package fits even in your jeans pocket, but don’t write off from the accounts of its ergonomic properties – if your hair is medium length, a mask it is possible to “stretch” to 2-3 applications”, says editor Natalie Kapitza.

Composed of grey clay, known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties, and oil brami – it is responsible for a balancing effect. Don’t worry – clay hardens to stone, it must be from scabbing ten minutes after application and rinse with warm water. Effect will feel at once: the hair becomes smooth and more dense to the touch, and from the discomfort on the scalp (if you felt) not a trace remains.

Intensive care for hair, Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Intensive Treatment, Oribe

Интенсивный уход для волос Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Intensive Treatment, Oribe

There are means in which perfectly it all – from packing and composition, to wow-effect after the first application. Mysterious pre-shampoo by Oribe is one of these. In the list of ingredients includes extracts of watermelon, lychee and Edelweiss – they protect the hair from premature aging and dehydration; caffeine and Biotin, strengthens hair follicles; extracts of rosemary and rice bran (they help hair grow faster); and oils of macadamia, argan, almond and coconut.

To apply, as you have learned, you need to shampoo, as a mask on all length of hair, avoiding the scalp. After 10-20 minutes it is recommended to wash your hair as usual and after installation to see the result. The hair becomes soft and manageable, and the light shimmer like silk. By the way, for colored curls is an added bonus – prevents the leaching of color pigment.

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