Cosmetic masks from fresh vegetables and fruits can adversely affect the skin

As you know, everything new is a well-forgotten old, and fashion is the main confirmation of this. Sometimes, looking at pictures of a mother or grandmother in her youth, we ask if she has this dress preserved, because there is almost the same in the new collection of Sultanna Frantsuzova. 

But some believe that in the grandmother’s chest you can find not only the new styles, but also the magic secrets of beauty – the recipes of home cosmetics. They are sure that the lemon bleaches the skin, the daisy gives shine to the hair, and the coffee grounds is the best scrub in the world.

So whether this is actually and what effect to expect from home cosmetics, the correspondent of SE found out.

Face to face

Folk recipes for hundreds of years passed from generation to generation and, reaching us, gained a large number of admirers. Lovers of natural cosmetics fall in summer in a special euphoria: strawberries, currants and cucumbers can be sent to the person directly from the bed, and from fresh herbs to prepare miraculous tonics. Arguments “for” there are many: even in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra took baths with milk and made honey masks, and some recipes are actively used in their products by modern producers, assuring that the face cream contains the beneficial properties of strawberries and lemon.

So why spend money on such a cream, if fresh strawberries grow on a bed, and lemons are sold to a nearby store?

“Applying a fresh strawberry on your face or rubbing it with lemon juice, we must not forget that these products can cause the strongest allergy,” says Tamara Gulina, a cosmetician at the Remix club.

In professional masks and creams, natural supplements are actually used, but in the processed form: allergens are removed from them, and the useful substances themselves are presented in such a way as to completely absorb and reach the point of application. “

Moreover, Tamara Gulina generally does not recommend the use of berries as a mask – they contain fruit acid, which is used to carry out fruit peeling in the salons, and after it you can not sunbathe for a month. In summer, the skin needs moisturizing, so from home prescriptions the beautician recommends a mask of fresh cucumbers and a massage ice cube of herbal decoction.

But the cosmetician does not advise us to count on a pronounced cosmetic effect from such recipes: “Serious benefits from the substances contained in plants and animal products can only be if they are used in a recycled technology. The same cucumber in its pure form is not even able to properly moisturize the skin, it will have only a short-term effect, comparable to the effect of thermal water on a hot day. No anti-age effect or lifting from home cosmetics can not be expected. In addition, no folk remedy will protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. ”

Smooth and silky

If the skin effect of the home cosmetics, as a rule, can not be compared with the action of a professional, then for the hair there are folk remedies that can really help in the struggle for beauty. According to Olga Kislitsina, the hairdresser-beautician-make-up artist of the salon “Kamiy Alban”, correctly prepared shampoo on herbs can be very useful and even have a curative effect, especially for the scalp. But to cook it yourself, alas, is not easy.

“You can find a truly effective tool that is suitable for you, only a herbal doctor who distinguishes plants, knows the terms and conditions of collection, the content of useful substances,” says Olga Kislitsina. – Even professional herbal remedies have strict recommendations for use and narrow-minded action. There is no universal recipe. For example, Chamomile is suitable for blondes, it slightly lightens hair and makes it softer, and also soothes the scalp. For brunettes henna is more suitable. Citric acid has smoothing properties. But it’s not a fact that such a tool is right for you, it’s necessary to use folk recipes, having determined together with the hairdresser the condition of the scalp and the type of hair, so as not to get the opposite effect. ”

Olga recommends not using folk remedies together with professional: shampoo on herbs is good in combination with rinsing herbal decoction, and not with conditioner for hair. Professional products have protective, blocking properties and will not allow nutrients from the herbs to penetrate the structure of the hair.

The body is in the business

Unlike shampoo, to prepare a truly effective body scrub is completely within the power of each of us. Galina Bezmenova, a SPA specialist at the Remix Club, thinks that a scrub from the coffee grounds with the addition of sour cream or olive oil is very effective: “It energetically activates blood circulation in the layers of the skin, removes superficial dead layers of the epidermis and improves skin nutrition by adding blood – it” smiles ” , becomes silky. In addition, peels based on sea salt are good. It is better to plant with olive oil: in which there are many natural essential components that can penetrate deeply into the skin and improve its nutrition, and also, by gluing the superficial layers, protect from drying out. ” But, according to Galina Bezmenova, in the struggle for beauty home recipes can only be auxiliary, but not basic. Now the most effective,

The effect of home cosmetics will be caring, but not therapeutic – you can not get rid of cellulite with a home scrub.

“In addition, regularity is important in the care of the body, and with our crazy rhythm of life, it is unlikely that someone will find the time and energy to constantly conduct such procedures at home,” Galina Bezmenova said.

Experts do not deny the useful properties of folk recipes, but do not recommend to rely on them completely – miracles, as well as getting rid of wrinkles with strawberries, does not happen. Do not believe a famous actress, who at seventy years old claims that the secret of her smooth skin in kefir masks, and not plastic surgery.

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