Corkscrew Nails Are The Latest Bizarre Beauty Trend To Break The Internet

Sure, long nails have made quite a resurgence recently with a slew of celeb fans showing off both almond and pointy-shaped claws on Instagram, but navigating through life’s everyday tasks with lengthy tips on is no easy fete, which is why we can only imagine how unpractical it must be if your nails were shaped like a corkscrew. It certainly takes the trend to an entirely new level.

While we’ve seen our fair share of brow-raising beauty trends we still did a double-take when we spotted the latest in nail art to take over our social media feeds: corkscrew nails.

While it might look like every wino’s dream, unfortunately, these nails are all about fashion and not about function–don’t let the twisty point fool you, you can’t really pop open a bottle of red with these tips.Instagram account Kiraskynails shared the acrylic-shaped creation on their page with a how-to video that details the process of creating

the intricate design, right down to the swirly tip. While we must admit we’re completely fascinated watching the process and totally respect the unique nail art, we’re not completely convinced it’s a trend we’re ready to try at home–especially because it would probably make, well, everything, (from typing to buttoning our jeans), quite difficult. With that being said, it’s not quite as bizarre as nose hair extensions.

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