July 20, 2024

Complex of exercises for restoring the form after the holidays

No matter how you try to observe moderation in nutrition on New Year’s holidays, a sedentary lifestyle and an increased amount of hours at the TV set with an abundance of delicacies obviously do not contribute to the beauty of the figure.

To prevent the transformation of goodies into folds on the sides and abdomen, you need to actively work out. Instructors of the Remix fitness club told us about exercises for perfect well-being and maintaining harmony after the holidays.

To begin with, we will do a warm-up of the shoulder girdle and body. Widely open the chest, we raise hands, we take our shoulders back. We take a deep breath.

Having made a circular motion with shoulders forward, we round the back, hands we deduce forward. We exhale. We repeat 8 times.

Warm up the legs. Lunge with moving weight from one leg to the other. Perform at a rapid pace of 8 times for each leg.

Rotation of the body. Legs shoulder width apart. Hands together, bent at the elbows. Vigorously perform the corners of the body to the right and left about 16 times.

Exercise with bodibar. As support, you can use a door jamb or a squeegee stick. The starting position is standing, buttocks are drawn, legs apart, feet on one line.

In the first part of the exercise, we perform a squat: the hips form with knees 90 °, the back is straight, buttocks are retracted.

Do not change the position, tear off the heels from the floor. We stay so for a while.

Standing on your toes, straighten your knees, go back to the starting position. Repeat this combination 8 times. After this, do the reverse order: stand on your toes, sit down, put your heels on the floor.

Lateral twisting with raising of legs. In the first part – lying on his side, legs tear off the floor by 15 cm.

After this, we perform the direct twisting: we turn around the body back and pull the straight legs to it. Alternating two elements of the exercise, performing each 2 times, we make 16 visits.

Lateral twisting with the lifting of the body. Easy option: lifting the body from the knees. The middle version: legs in the cross. Complicated option: when both legs are together – one on top of another. Repeat 16 times.

Exercise “Plank” for the front surface of the body: leaning on the elbows and socks, raise the body. The back should not sag in the lower back, the stomach and buttocks need to be drawn into themselves.

Exercise for the back of the thigh, buttocks and back of the body. Lying on the belly, we raise one by one straight legs, tearing off the knees from the floor: one leg, the second, then both.

The development of the previous exercise: connect the body with arms outstretched.

Push ups. Elbows with forearms should form 90 °. The narrow position of the arms along the body gives a load on the triceps. A wider dilution gives the main load on the pectoral muscles.

Strengthening of the upper press. From the “lying” position to the 4 counts, we rise to the “sitting” position, straightening our back.

Stretching of the muscles of the thigh: tuck the leg inward, the thigh at the same time lies on the floor. The hind leg remains straight. After that, stretch the front surface of the thighs, bending the back leg in the knee and holding it by hand.

Stretching the muscles of the body. Right hand grasp the wrist of the left hand, pull them up. On exhalation, slowly make slopes to the right and left.

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