July 22, 2024

Company claims to find 113-year-old sunken ship with massive amount of gold

A South Korean company is claiming to have found a 113-year-old Russian warship named Dmitrii Donskoi. The ship was rumored to have been carrying $130 billion worth of gold when it sank.

If there really is treasure in the sunken ship, people want to know who gets it.

There’s a lot of debate whether Russia has claim to everything found within the warship, or if “finders keepers” rules apply since it’s not in Russian waters. Either way, there will surely be a legal fight over the ship’s contents.

Some are skeptical that this is the real deal though, thinking the South Korean company is just trying to raise its investor money with the rumored “treasure” on board.

Many think that if they were smart, the company probably shouldn’t have even mentioned the treasure to the rest of the greedy world. “Gold? What gold? We have no idea what you’re talking about. ”

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