April 17, 2024

Comedy Special Coming to Netflix

Jenny Slate is one of the most dynamic, energetic stand-up comedians performing right now, which makes the revelation that she has severe stage fright fairly surprising. Nevertheless, she decided to push through for her new Netflix special, aptly titled Stage Fright, which begins streaming on Oct. 22.

In the trailer for the comedy special, above, Slate not only performs on stage in New York City but also weaves in footage from her childhood home videos and intimate interviews with her family – her mom, dad, two sisters, and two grandmothers.

From discussing the terrifying ghosts that haunted her Massachusetts home growing up to a story about being impressed by midnight Catholic mass, you can fully expect Slate to go there.

Watch the trailer for Stage Fright, then check out all the other incredible titles arriving on Netflix this month!

25 Untitled Goose Game Memes Funnier Than Trapping That Woman in Her Own Garage

Untitled Goose Game has become such a phenomenon that even if you’ve never picked up a Nintendo product in your life, it’s likely infiltrated your life somehow. Developed by Australian company House House, the humble indie game is brilliant in its simplicity: You play a goose with a checklist of tasks to complete around a neighborhood.

You are not popular with the townsfolk, as the majority of your chores involve stealing from them and trapping them in garages or telephone booths. You haul away their produce to have yourself a little picnic. You pose as a goose statue to trick its owner into tying a pretty bow around your neck. You honk so loudly that a child drops his glasses and blindly replaces them with a pair of knockoff Ray-Bans that you, of course, stole.

It’s hilarious, challenging, and thanks to its pastel color scheme, strangely relaxing. Gamers are so into it that the title has surpassed hugely popular games like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Super Mario Maker 2 to make it to the top of Nintendo Switch’s bestseller list. To play it is to love it, and to love it is to apparently create fan art, memes, and poetry about it. Ahead, I’ve rounded up a selection of the greatest goose-centric Tweets, Instagrams, and Reddit posts I’ve come across. Go ahead and grab your grocery basket, we’re going shopping (for memes).

This House Gets the Haunted Mansion Treatment Every Halloween, and I Have Chills

Grim grinning ghosts, come out to socialize! For the last three years, Chris Sardinas has gone all out when transforming his entryway into a spot-on re-creation of Disney’s Haunted Mansion for Halloween. Recently, his video of the themed decor went viral on Reddit, and for good reason – his efforts are truly impressive.

Chris told POPSUGAR that the first time he attempted this ambitious re-creation, he started planning in May. Nowadays, he has the construction “down to a science” and gets help setting up from his fiancée. They build false walls within the house and cover every feasible surface with decorations inspired by the iconic stations within the Disneyland ride, like the stretching portrait room, the graveyard, and the ghostly dining room.

“Why not draw inspiration from none other than the best? ” he said. “The Haunted Mansion is so iconic and the illusions featured within the attraction are so recognizable that for a visitor, they can effortlessly make the connection, bringing back that spooky nostalgic feeling. ”

“Our typical Halloween decorations don’t consist of ‘standard’ witches and skeleton cutouts,” he continued. “We do our Halloween shopping at thrift stores and antique shops to find the decor that best suites the scene. ” Keep reading for an inside look into his on-point entryway – it’s scary good.

Harry Styles Is Back, Y’all! New Single “Lights Up” Is Already Our Favorite Song

It’s our time to shine, Harry Styles fans! At midnight Eastern time on Oct. 11, the British singer dropped his latest single “Lights Up,” presumably to lead his as-yet-unreleased second album. The trippy song and video are a huge departure from Styles’s self-titled debut album, but in the most amazing way. In the video, Styles can be seen topless almost the whole time – with all those tattoos on display – rubbing up against a bevy of attractive men and women. Trust me when I say it’ll get you a little sweaty while watching.

After teasing the phrase “Do you know who you are? ” this week, fans assumed that was the name of the newest single, but it turns out it’s just a piece of the song (and also the B side of the “Lights Up” vinyl). Styles sings “Lights up and they know who you are / know who you are / do you know who you are? ” Twitter collectively has been having a solid meltdown since Styles’s September cover of Rolling Stone, and it all peaked with the video release. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for HS2, but in the meantime, here’s what my comrades are saying about “Lights Up. ”

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