Colourful lingerie is here to boost your mood and confidence

Because although Valentines Day is around the corner and brands may tell you otherwise, lingerie should be all about you. Whether you prefer a soft triangle bra or a lacy cami, high-waisted pants or itty bitty knickers, when you treat yourself to new lingerie, it should be all about what makes you feel good.

And the ultimate self-indulgence and antidote to the grey days of January? Stocking your underwear with the brightest, most endorphine-boosting colourful lingerie.
If you’ve officially worn leggings more than you’ve worn a bra this year, zero judgement here. Between hardly leaving the house and being able to hibernate under cosy knitwear, there might not feel like much need to bother with opening your lingerie drawer, never mind update it.

And we get it. But, we’ve also come to the realisation as we hit lockdown (again), that life at the moment is about simple pleasures. All the bigger events in life that we used to look forward to – weddings, sun-drenched holidays and nights out with friends – are on hold for the foreseeable.

So, for the time being we rather we need to find the joy in the small things – like a luxuriously long soak in the tub and a new lipstick to brighten your daily Zoom makeup. And beautiful lingerie ranks high on the list of small pleasures that will instantly lift your mood – even if there’s no one else to see it.

Think sunshine yellow knickers or a magenta purple bra – pulling on these brightly coloured underthings is an instant mood lifter. And best of all, our curated edit of the best-coloured lingerie is filled with comfortable bras, pants and bodies that you could quite happily wear all day long – no uncomfortable push-up bras or digging in knickers to be seen.

Just promise us there’s no saving best for later – no keeping them hidden in your wardrobe for when someone else can see them, a special occasion, or the weather improving. These colourful lingerie buys deserve to be worn end enjoyed now – *promise*, you’ll thank us.

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