College Fashionista is Looking for Summer 2018 Community Members at Campuses Around the World

Become a College Fashionista Community Member today and join a community of passionate, like-minded college students while learning practical skills and gaining access to the industry of fashion!

As a Community Member, you’ll have access to our extensive hands-on curriculum to help propel your career and an online portal with educational videos and webinars. The goal? To prepare you for the real world by providing you with advice from industry insiders, as well as a network of other Community Members around the world. Everything is 100% online, so the only thing needed to join is a computer!

As a Community Member, you’ll also be able to attend College Fashionista events, learn from leading industry experts, pitch article ideas for the website, and get access to contests and College Fashionista opportunities! Along with that, Community Members have the chance after one semester to gain even more real-world experience with access to apply for College Fashionista’s exclusive fellowships.

These internship opportunities provide hands-on experience in writing, marketing, photography, and social media, and will help to strengthen both your professional skills and your portfolio while giving you the chance to work one-on-one with fashion industry insiders.

College Fashionista’s summer program begins on May 29, 2018 and runs through August 31, 2018, with the opportunity to extend. Get connected with students just like you all around the world, network with industry insiders, and start working toward your dream career today by submitting your application at www.collegefashionista.com/apply.

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