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The history of cocoa is very deep. He drank even the ancient Aztecs. And women as imperfect beings with such a fine drink to drink was forbidden.

Today, more and more drink the so-called cocoa beverage – sweet dissolve the powder in water or milk. Although a much more interesting taste has cocoa, brewed on the fire. This option is most useful, it does not contain chemical impurities that are responsible for the rich taste.

The natural powder itself has a bitter bright taste and odor.

Properties of cocoa

Cacao contains essential minerals: iron, magnesium and calcium. As well as proteins, carbohydrates, tannins, mineral, aromatic, coloring matter.

Cocoa, like coffee, has caffeine, which has stimulating effects. Also contains theobromine – a substance from which cocoa to enjoy with a cold and cough to the throat less sore.

The use of cocoa

Due to the content of iron improves the composition of blood and the ability of tissues to absorb oxygen.

Calcium strengthens bones and tooth enamel. (Remember the lucky owners of a strong skeleton, which draw on the labels, the cocoa producers? )

Magnesium improves the elasticity of the muscle tissue, positively affects the nervous system, helps to fight stress.

Cocoa stimulates the production the body’s natural antidepressant. Drinking a good Cup of cacao, you can feel a rush of energy and improved mood. Special substances fight the growth of tumors. The one who ate cocoa, more resistant and faster recovering from physical labor.

Cocoa improves metabolism and enhances the absorption of insulin.

Though cocoa and quite a calorie, it is recommended to use it than chocolate. This is much healthier. Besides, cocoa contains substances, which produces endorphins, which improves mood, and life doesn’t seem bleak.

The use of cocoa

Every woman can remember a few good recipes using cocoa. Puddings, pies, and curd desserts become tastier, even from a pinch of fragrant powder.

Cocoa give even the kiddies in the nursery, as the drink energizes and activates the brain. Cocoa boiled with milk, is a good snack in the afternoon.

Older people are advised to drink cocoa in the prevention of problems with memory and attention.

It is widely known that cocoa is often used in cosmetics. The woman appreciated the wonderful properties of this drink and make masks at home. Even single-mask applied to the skin and face, able to smooth out wrinkles, improve color and tone.

A mixture of coffee and cocoa cover the hair. From the procedure, they acquire a nice brown color and look healthy and shiny.

Cocoa contains substances that protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Damage cocoa

Cocoa is forbidden for those who have an intolerance to caffeine, as small amounts of beverage it contains.

Buying cocoa containing products, you need to remember is to trust only reliable manufacturers. Cocoa like no other plant, is processed with chemicals from pests. Therefore, we cannot be certain of buying products unknown company as thoroughly cleansed of its raw materials.

Children under three years do not give cocoa, however, like chocolate. Cocoa – a strong allergen, and its effect on the immature body can rapidly cause a strong reaction or gradually trigger its manifestation.

A contraindication for the use of chocolate is diarrhea. Suffering from atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes should refrain from drinking cocoa.

Those who have decided to struggle with excess weight and simply maintain a healthy lifestyle must limit the use of this product.

Stress or General poor state of the nervous system are also a contraindication for frequent use cocoa.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should limit the number of drink cups. The developing fetus is very susceptible to allergies, the same applies to babies that are breastfed.

Cocoa familiar to everyone from early childhood. Even with contraindications, can afford to drink a Cup of drink. Most importantly, know when to stop.

Against hair loss. 1 tsp cocoa powder sugar and 1 tsp. water, heated in a water bath. Add 1 beaten egg, 0. 5 Cup of yogurt. Mass RUB into the hair roots, wrap hair in foil, to insulate the head with a towel. Wash off after 30-40 min 2-3 times a week for 2-3 months.

For dry, colored, brittle, damaged hair. 1 tbsp cocoa powder dissolved in 2 tbsp oil (any, but better burdock or castor). The mixture is heated in a water bath. Add 1 beaten yolk, mix well. Mass RUB into the hair roots, wrap hair in foil, to insulate the head with a towel. Wash off after 40-60 minutes. Apply 2 times a week for 2 months.

For density and volume of hair. Mix in glass container 1 tbsp. sea salt 1 tbsp. chicken eggs, 1 tbsp. brandy. Leave to infuse in a cool place for 10-14 days. Then add 100 grams of warm cocoa butter. Before applying the mass to mix. RUB into the hair roots, wrap hair in foil, to insulate the head with a towel. Wash off after 40-50 minutes. Apply 1 time per week for 2-3 months.

Cocoa for weight loss: unbelievable but true!

Cocoa product, of course, high-calorie, however, to abandon it in the fight against excess weight is optional. Moreover, there are even diets based on the consumption of this drink, and some claim that these “chocolate” mortification is possible to significantly lose weight.

Why is this happening?

First, literally 3-4 minutes after consumption of cocoa occurs stable (3-5 hours) the feeling of satiety.

Secondly, losing weight will be interested in the following ratio in the composition of cocoa:

fat – 47% of the caloric,
carbs – 14 %.

It turns out that the high carbohydrate content of cocoa can not boast…

alley. If in many diets suppressed appetite “deceptive” way, then cocoa, in contrast, improves the water, protein, mineral, hormonal metabolism so that the person feels inflow of forces.

On the other hand, the body lacks the energy value of cocoa, and he is forced to consume the existing fat reserves, turning them into “fuel”.

Another key to the effectiveness of the “chocolate” diet is the presence of cocoa is theobromine. This substance increases locomotor activity, has anti-stress properties, which makes it relatively easy to sustain a diet.

Good to know

The first thing to know about cocoa is how to select it.

Of course, everyone knows cocoa “Nesquik”, but after reading his composition, you will see that there is quite a lot of unnatural components. Moreover, it’s not even cocoa and “chocolate drink” with high sugar content. It is better to choose a real bitter cocoa powder.

As for the cocoa part of chocolate, and there should be careful. Many manufacturers to reduce the cost of the product is added to the chocolate cocoa butter, and other, less valuable oil. On the packaging the manufacturer shall specify the percentage in the product of cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

Cocoa during pregnancy

Many pregnant women don’t know they can drink cocoa or not?

The unequivocal answer to this question, unfortunately, is not, therefore, weigh all the “pros” and “cons”.

So, the positive aspects of the use of cocoa during pregnancy are:

the presence of large amounts of folic acid, zinc, iron are necessary for the proper development of the fetus;
the presence of phenylethylamine (a natural antidepressant) and endorphin (hormone of joy), which does not hurt pregnant to set the mood;
the presence of caffeine is useful expectant mothers suffering from low pressure.

The disadvantages of drinking cacao during pregnancy are:

possible allergic reaction;
the presence of the same caffeine: if hypotensive it helps, high blood pressure to use it just do not;
the obstacle in the absorption of calcium (up to the leaching of it from the body).
Thus, if there are no contraindications, cocoa in pregnancy you can use, but in very small doses (one Cup in the morning will be enough) and as little as possible.

How to cook cocoa

Many, of course, used to drink hot cocoa fast food. It is certainly just, but at the same time much less useful.

In fact, to make hot cocoa even easier than coffee. So to cook 1 Cup of beverage, you will need:

1 Cup milk or cream
2 tbsp natural cocoa powder
sugar (to taste: you can do without it).

Special devices cooking not needed: comfortable enough utensils for boiling milk. At the bottom of the pan poured cocoa powder, sugar, mix thoroughly. Then add a little hot milk (to cover the mixture) and stir, not allowing to form lumps. When the mass is homogeneous, in it pour in the remaining milk, and mix again put the container on a large fire.

As soon as the fluid starts to boil, reduce the heat and cook for another 2 minutes. The main thing is to make sure that the milk is not “run away”, and carefully stir the cocoa with a spoon, taking to the bottom, otherwise it will stick and form lumps.

The drink can be considered finished once it has become homogeneous and thick.

Tricks of cooking cocoa

In order to create a masterpiece, you can use the following additives:

Cocoa butter. It is added, when the mixture of cocoa powder and sugar poured milk. This ingredient gives the drink a more intense chocolate aroma and taste, and the surface will become oily, like a Cup of melted chocolate. Add the cocoa butter should be at the rate of 0. 5 teaspoon per 1 Cup of cocoa.
Pink pepper. Do not think that adding this spice to the drink, you will get a spicy, pungent blend. This will not happen. On the contrary, the drink will become bright sweet-peppery flavor. Ingredient added to the beverage in the first mixing.
Vanilla. No comment. The only time to add it is in the cups with drink.
Especially for netkilo.ru – Myrina Tatiana S. (phrola)

The use of cocoa for the cardiovascular system.

Bioactive compounds in chocolate with a cocoa content of more than 70% reduce platelets from sticking together.
Cocoa has antioxidant properties, significantly exceeding the properties of orange juice or apples, for example.
Cuckooflower have an impact on some of the functions of metabolism, preventing deposits in the blood vessels and their damage.
According to a lengthy study, frequent intake of cocoa can reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease by 50 %.
The use of cacao for the brain.

Cocoa improves blood flow to the brain and lowers blood pressure.

The use of cocoa for the skin.

Regular consumption of cocoa contributes to the normal functioning of the skin and thus substantially retains its youth.
The cocoa powder contains melanin that can protect the skin from ultraviolet and infrared radiation. That is, melanin protects our skin from sunburn and helps to avoid overheating.
The use of cocoa due to the high content of useful minerals.

Cocoa contains plant protein, fat, have carbohydrates, dietary fiber, organic acids, starch, sugars, saturated fatty acids.
In cocoa there are vitamins (A, E, PP, group b, beta-carotene).
In cocoa there are minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, fluoride, molybdenum.
Some important health elements in cocoa more than other products. For example, iron and zinc. In order to fully provide your body with zinc, you can drink a couple of cups of cocoa a week, and have 2-3 slices of high-quality dark chocolate per day.
The use of cocoa for muscle recovery.

Organic cocoa has not been subjected to thermal treatment promotes the rapid recovery of muscles after sports or heavy physical work due to its diverse composition and high content of various vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients.

So useful or harmful cocoa?

The dangers of cocoa, mainly, that it is not the plant itself, and with various impurities contained in the cocoa, chocolate and other products, due to poor sanitary conditions in the cultivation of cocoa, the presence of cockroaches, chemicals, etc.

Most low-quality variety of cocoa is cocoa from China. Cocoa in China is growing, but Chinese firms are buying up worldwide sub-standard rotten cocoa beans for the subsequent deep processing and manufacturing cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

Organic cacao, grown without pesticides, is very different from and better than ordinary cocoa.

Only high quality cocoa beans and products made from them that do not contain any harmful additives, can benefit. And to cocoa retains its useful properties to the full, it makes sense to abandon its heat treatment.

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