March 4, 2024

Closer to the body

His shirt – as you know, is closer to the body, and if this “shirt” is still body wrapped around and made of a special, moisture-removing fabric, it will not freeze, even if you spend the whole day in the coldest frost. Speech, of course, is about thermal underwear, now popular element of the winter wardrobe.

Many residents of Novosibirsk enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Most girls agree that the main cause of hypothermia during active movement in the cold is a sweat-damp clothing that quickly cools. Why is this happening?

With physical activity, the human skin emits moisture (sweat), which, accumulating in the fabric of ordinary linen, reduces its thermal insulation properties. The heating and evaporation of this moisture consumes additional energy.

Functional thermal underwear removes moisture from the body. The protective layer of warm air between the skin and the external cold environment, due to the pressure difference, expels moisture from the thermal underwear. This reduces the heat loss of the body in cold weather, adds a sense of comfort and protects the body from hypothermia and overheating.

If the thermal underwear is completely made of synthetic material, then it better removes moisture and more durable. However, less comfortable – tender girlish skin does not always tolerate synthetics, so cotton or wool is added to the fabric. Nevertheless, the percentage of them in the fabric should be minimal, and when buying thermal underwear for skiing, neither wool nor cotton in the composition should be at all – just synthetics. And, of course – a special “membrane” skier jacket – complete with it with active sweating in the frost maximizes the effect of a dry body.

In addition to moisture removal, the main function of thermal underwear is heat preservation. Thermal underwear really “warms the soul” due to the fact that a special fabric structure helps the created air layer not to disappear, but maintain a comfortable temperature between the body and clothes all the time. The outer surface of the thermal underwear is more dense – it is responsible for the delay of the interlayer from the warm air and keeps the moisture, which has been removed from the body by means of a fleecy, soft inner layer.

But does it make sense to buy thermal underwear for those who do not engage in winter sports? There is. The effect of maintaining the thermal layer is very helpful in the Siberian frosts. That’s just to ensure that the thermal underwear needed at least minimal physical activity – walking, for example – when walking on a sunny day in the forest, thermal underwear would be very welcome.

It is quite appropriate at a temperature starting from -20 to wear thermal underwear, going to work in the office. On the way it will not let it cool down, at room temperature it is comfortable enough – there is no overheating, and you should not worry about sweating – the thermal underwear absorbs moisture, and thus prevents the appearance of an unpleasant smell – it’s like a deodorant-antiperspirant ( However, to refrain from using the latter is still not recommended), but such winter diseases as cystitis can be prevented.

The price of one detail of thermal underwear starts from 750 rubles (“Intersport”). The only problem is that the size 42-44 flies in a few days, so if you do not have time to hand it out, you’ll have to take pants or a sweatshirt worth 2,000 rubles.

According to the sales consultants, there is no significant difference (except for the price) in the models, just different brands and different manufacturers.

In the chain of stores “Limon”, to the surprise of the correspondent, thermal underwear was found at an unprecedented price for this rather expensive element of the wardrobe – 150 rubles for a detail. What the mystery of charity, an unprecedented even for the “Lemon”, the seller could not answer. Most likely, it is that the word “thermal underwear” has now become very fashionable, and they are called ordinary cotton pants and sweatshirts, which are not suitable for practicing active sports. However, if you buy a similar kit for warming the “merzlyachka” (if, of course, you are not invited anywhere in the evening! ), Who spend most of the time in the office at the computer at such a similar price, it can be very useful.

The same thermal underwear can be bought in almost all specialized sports shops: Intersport, Sportmaster, Alpindustria, Olimpia, Trial Sport and others, as well as in stores for hunters and fishermen, that’s only in size 42-44 there it will not be possible to find exactly.

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