May 25, 2024

Claw clips are back. Tell a friend

There’s something kind of comforting about resurrecting the same hairstyle that was in its heyday when mobile phones were the same size as TV remotes and we were dressed head to toe in velour sleepsuits.

But when 90s hairstyles weren’t bringing the fun with cutesie butterfly clips, space buns and micro braids, it absolutely nailed nonchalance. The loose tendrils and thrown up twists fastened quickly with a claw clip on the way to work or in the back of a taxi on a night out are exactly the sort of zero-f*cks hairstyle that we tried to recreate with I Woke Up Like This hair. Only better.

Here’s a puzzler… what happened to claw clips? One minute our fave trendsetter, Rachel Green, wouldn’t be seen without one. Then the noughties struck and they were sidelined for beach waves and curling tongs.

Aside from some lonely hair ties and the odd bobby pin, hair accessories have had a tough old time during the last couple of decades. But now that a generation of millennial and Gen Z kids have come of age, realised our mums were pretty cool after all and dusted off the throwback pics we used to laugh at, it’s dawned on us… The 90s was an absolute belter for beauty and fashion.

The style takes approximately seven seconds to create, doesn’t require heat styling, barely requires a brush and still looks fantastic. Honestly, it’s as functional as it is fashionable. It gets hair out the way and manages to look neat and flirty (thanks to nude napes).

Already celebs like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid have been taking the throwback style for a new spin – pairing it with other comebacks like tube tops and cropped cardis. Over on the ‘gram, it’s been infiltrating our feed, too, with plenty of inspiration.

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