Ciaté’s new Cheat Sheet nail stickers are pure nail art genius

Wrong. Enter Ciaté’s new Cheat Sheet nail art stickers, which come in a variety of designs, colours and sizes to suit all nails. Available in two different sets of designs from ASOS, each pack comes with four sheets of stickers.

The first set of designs include neon geometric shapes, pastel leopard spots, evil eyes and abstract illustrations (think Picasso or Matisse’s line drawings).

Nail art is tricky at the best of times. Even a simple ombre nail can turn into a smudged mess, and one of the negative space, dainty designs that seem to be so popular right now are pretty much out of the question for an at-home DIY mani, right?

The second set, aptly named Cheat Sheet Version 2, includes designs like ‘Playful Randoms’ – cute cherries, fried eggs and rainbows, as well as hearts in a variety of colours, gold foil stars, hearts and illustrations, and finally a sheet of different coloured celestial designs.

The application process couldn’t be easier – the hard part is deciding which design to go for and where to place each sticker. I *eventually* decided to apply an abstract illustration from the original Cheat Sheets to my ring finger nail for an ultra minimal finish.

First up, I applied a nude base coat and let it dry. Then, using pointed tweezers, I gently peeled the sticked off the paper backing and placed onto my nail bed. I pressed down to help it stick and also to remove any air bubbles around the edges.

To finish, I painted one layer of my favourite gel-effect top coat and massaged some cuticle oil around my nail bed (an essential final step to any at-home manicure). Et voila – the easiest, speediest and arguably chicest nail art I’ve ever had.

I’m just keeping my perfectly manicured fingers crossed that Ciaté launch a Halloween edition of their Cheat Sheets very soon…

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