July 18, 2024

Ciara Considers Herself a “Teacher’s Assistant” While Helping Her Kids Navigate Remote Learning

Mom of three Ciara is taking it day by day when it comes to her kiddos’ schoolwork. In an interview with Self, she opened up about what safety precautions her family is taking given her husband Russell Wilson’s job as the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks and how she’s navigating at-home learning.

“With Russ and football, they have to take COVID tests every day-there’s so many people on a football team. Our babies have intermittent asthma, so we have to be super cautious,” she said of making the choice for her kids to learn remotely.

“We don’t know how this virus performs. There’s so many reasons why we have to take super-high measures to make sure we’re being as safe as we can be considering everything. ”

Juggling her 6-year-old son Future’s educational needs with her 3-year-old daughter Sienna’s is tricky enough. Add in the fact that she recently gave birth to a 5-month-old son named Win, and we have a feeling her days are pretty full.

While Ciara acknowledges she’s privileged enough to get Future a private tutor, she considers herself to be a “teacher’s assistant. ” The 35-year-old singer makes Future’s daily schedule, which involves one-hour learning sessions, designated time to play sports, and a lunch break.

“I was literally in class every day making sure he had all his stuff he needs,” she explained, noting that she also ensured Future had a proper desk set up, including an iPad. Ciara also has to keep an eye on Sienna, who apparently prefers a few rounds of hide-and-seek over engaging in her preschool’s 20-minute weekly lesson. Who can blame her?

Ultimately, Ciara is focused on “making sure Sienna is not missing out on the fundamental things that she would be doing if she was in school,” she explained. “They learned about the letter A and we made homemade applesauce the other week, which was really fun. She’s following along with some of what her classmates are doing at school, but we’re just doing it at home. ”

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