April 17, 2024

Christina Aguilera Has a Lot to Say About Orgasms

Christina Aguilera has always brought a little sex appeal to her projects. After embracing her body, her health, and her sensuality with songs like “Beautiful” and “Lady Marmalade” throughout her career, it does make a certain kind of sense that she’s now the cofounder and chief brand advisor for Playground, a line of nontoxic lubricants designed with health in mind.

And let’s just say Xtina takes her downstairs health very seriously.

«I’ve gotten to know my vagina well over the last 42 years. And literally there are pleasure points that keep opening up as you get older,» the singer recently told People. «And that’s something that I’ve really noticed. There’s four different places that I can orgasm from around my vagina, and that is the truth. » We don’t doubt it! Although we would love to know if she means vagina like the technical definition, the inside part, or the whole area including the vulva and clit. Like, just wondering.

«[I hope to] inspire other women to feel comfortable with talking about their experiences and owning their body and their sexuality and what that means to them, because every woman is different,» Aguilera said, adding that «even if you don’t have a partner, you can have your own date night with yourself, so I kind of love that about it. We travel. We don’t always have access to other people. » Point.

As for why a person might pay more for a boutique product (by women for women, FYI), Christina Aguilera likens it to any other part of our wellness routines: “we don’t think twice about going into a store and buying something for our face, moisturiser, a product for our hair. But we don’t really give the time and attention that is valid for our vaginas when they need extra love and care too. ”

In another interview for the project, Aguilera told Allure that she specifically uses the Lelo vibrator, which, not to get too personal, I can say from experience rocks, in case you’re like…gimme them orgasms. Just saying.

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