June 20, 2024

Chrissy Teigen and Daughter Luna Will Be Adding Baby No. 2 to Their Playtime at Home

Chrissy Teigen and daughter Luna are like two peas in a pod – but as of Wednesday, it looks as though the mother-daughter pair will have to make room for one more little friend during their special playtime together: Luna’s baby brother.

“Somebody’s herrrrrre! ” Teigen tweeted Wednesday, along with a baby bottle and high-five smiley emoji. Teigen and husband John Legend have always showered lots of love on their little girl, now age 2, so this has us wondering how the arrival of another little one will go when it comes to Luna’s play space (which is pretty much the entirety of Teigen and Legend’s swanky Beverly Hills mansion).

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the toddler’s favorite spots in the house to play with Mom and Dad (and eventually her new baby brother).

Teigen and Luna spend a lot of time doing all the requisite mother-daughter activities together – only in a more luxurious setting than most. The pair enjoy bath time together with some colorful alphabet blocks that add a pop of color to the model’s black marble tub and zen decor. (The master bath features a steam shower, a sauna, and an infinity tub, perhaps best appreciated by adults. )

Luna is a big fan of her dad’s grand piano, which rests as a centerpiece down on the lower level, just past a set of regal winding stairs. Luna could potentially teach her baby brother how to tickle the ivories, though it may be some time before he can sit up by himself long enough for the opening bars of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. ”

Television time for Teigen and Luna often consists of the model lounging on the couch while little Luna plays in her personalized teepee in the family room. A freestanding fireplace separates the family room from the more formal living room, though both have become havens for Luna’s adventurous playtimes.

Luna’s clearly gotten some musical talent from her father. She’s already been putting it on display by playing her harp in the family room, right in front of the fireplace and television so all the adults will have to watch and listen. The two-year-old’s bright pink harp doesn’t exactly match the room’s concrete-and-dark-hardwood aesthetic, but the cuteness factor makes it work.

Out back, Luna has plenty of space to roam – and drive her hot pink convertible around. The backyard features a large pool and multiple patio spaces, many of which Luna has used as a crash course for her car. Perhaps the toddler will be willing to give her baby brother a spin in her ride?

Luna’s convertible works indoors as well, though it can’t travel as far when it’s resting on a rug inside the family’s sprawling Beverly Hills mansion. Here, the dance-happy toddler has taken over one of the bedrooms to show off her multitasking skills dancing while “driving” her hot pink vehicle.

Practicing for baby brother? Luna has outgrown her stroller, but the she still enjoys relaxing in it from time to time, even offering a ride to her baby doll (which will be great practice for holding her real baby brother).

Legend likes to sing and dance with Luna, be it in their kitchen, the game room, or just on a fun jaunt throughout the house. Her baby brother will likely get the same treatment, getting a bird’s-eye view (so to speak) of the couple’s exquisite furnishings and a good lay of the land of where to have his own fun tumbles with Luna, Mom, and Dad.

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