Choosing a pet can tell a lot about its owner

As a child, many of us brought home some living creatures picked up on the street. One lucky thing – their parents were imbued with sympathy and allowed to leave, others had to part with “this shabby cat” and at best get in return fish.

Having matured, a person has the opportunity to independently choose a pet, which is liked and suited to him. Scientists say that choosing a pet can tell a lot about the owner.

What exactly does the presence of this or that pet say about a person and how to choose it correctly, the correspondent of SE explained.

Parenting or contemplation?

Why do people have pets at all? Many assume that from a lack of communication. This, of course, is so, but the widespread view that animals are led mostly by single people is at variance with statistics. According to research by scientists from the University of California, the largest number of pets live in families consisting of three or more people.

Some suggest that the main reason for buying a beast is fashion, that it is she who pushes people everywhere to carry a pocket dog, then walk a lizard on a leash. However, pet owners themselves argue that the main reason is that they simply can not imagine life without a beast in the house. And only then, among the arguments are the love of certain animals, the desire to take care of someone, the influence of the pet on the development of the child in the family.

The main thing that forces people to go to a pet store is love for animals, and the question of who to get is moving to the background.

“Many buyers come with the desire to simply start a pet, and already on the spot, after looking at different animals and consulting with the seller, they are determined with a choice,

” says Alexandra, a consultant to the pet store “Bagheera”. – Just look at some little creature and fall in love right on the spot. And only then they start to think and ask the seller what entails the appearance of such an animal in the house, what care it requires, how much time it needs to be given. ”

But, according to Alexandra, when choosing the majority of buyers still comes from what they need a pet for. If, in order to spend time together, engage in his upbringing, it will of course be a cat or a dog if for contemplation and relaxation – fish and birds, if to maintain a certain status – some exotic, rare animal, eg a monitor or chinchilla.

Cat psychology

According to Alexandra, when choosing an animal, a lot depends on how long a person is willing to give to a pet. “After all, if the fish have enough to clean the aquarium once a week, then the dog needs to walk three times a day, on weekends, in any weather. This stops many, and they choose cats – which have intelligence, unlike fish, but do not require daily walks. ” Probably, that’s why among the readers of the NHS are leading cat-owners, they make up 44.65% of the respondents among the owners, and the owners of dogs seriously lag behind – they are only 15.78%.

However, psychologists believe that everything is not so simple, and except for the purpose and employment of the owner, the choice of the animal can tell a lot about its inner world.

“For example, the owner of cats, as a rule, like to flirt, subtly feel a partner, they know how to stealthily manage it,” says psychologist Anna Makeenko. “They rarely go to open conflicts, but at the same time they know how to stand up for themselves.” 

Alexandra is sure that, despite the opinion that cats are mostly women, among their owners is the same number of men. “A male cat-keeper is a fine gentleman, he is very keen on sex issues, he is most likely tempted in it, and does not consider it necessary to remain faithful,” says Anna Makeyenko. But dogs are mostly open, sociable people who love children very much. In this case, large dogs are preferred by ambitious men who are dissatisfied with their position or status, and small dogs are completely prosperous.

Among readers of NHSs there are only 3.52% of bird owners. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that birds prefer thinly sensitive nature, romance and dreamers, and in our world they are less and less. “If a person has a rodent, he probably does not want to grow up,” says Anna Makeyenko. “He is a kind, vulnerable person, somewhat insecure.” According to Anna, the fish will be chosen by a closed person who does not like or does not know how to communicate with others, and also a very busy businessman who is tired of his strict image and dreams of staying at home at least.

Exotic animals, unless, of course, this is not just a tribute to fashion, there are people who are passionate, passionate, wanting something to stand out. “In addition, they are often well-off people,” adds Alexander. “Caring for such a beast can be very expensive, more expensive than the price of the specimen itself.”


“Often parents buy an animal for a child, wanting to teach him independence, caring for someone,” says Alexandra. “The main thing here is to choose a beast in accordance with the age, because if a five-year-old child is presented with a dog, he simply can not take care of it, it will be difficult for him and can cause irritation, unwillingness to take care of someone at all.” Therefore, choosing an animal for yourself or a child, you need to focus primarily on your own abilities and, of course, sensations.

Anna Makeenko recommends taking into account another fact: not only do animals become like their owners, but vice versa. “For example, if you get a cat, then learn to pay more attention to yourself, not others’ problems, become softer and more balanced, you can control emotions and mood swings,” Anna explains. Dogs will suit closed people who want to communicate more with others. The dog will teach cheerfulness, sociability, development of leadership qualities.

“It is believed that when a cat is introduced, a person becomes more attractive to the opposite sex, and the dog will help to pull out the already existing relationships from stagnation,” Anna says. Want to enjoy life more, create, feel energy – your choice of a bird. If you need to increase self-esteem, develop mindfulness and liveliness of mind – get a rodent.

What kind of animal you prefer, remember that there are no animals that would bring up negative qualities in a person, but the positive ones for the owners appear without fail. Maybe that is why more and more people agree with the opinion that those who are sure that happiness can not be bought never bought a puppy or a kitten.

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