Choosing a gynecologist, women abuse the Internet and the advice of girlfriends

The choice of a gynecologist is of paramount importance for women.We choose it much more carefully than any other specialist. After all, the female doctor penetrates into the innermost corners of our body, and to strip before him often has a soul.

At each women’s forum there is a topic that is burning for the woman’s soul: where can you find him – sympathetic and attentive, who will listen and not be reproached for life’s mistakes. The correspondent of SE tried to sort out the issue.

Probably, each of us has an example of women who are panic afraid of gynecologists, and while life does not press them to the doctor with a terrible chair can not drive. This fear comes from a deep youth, when no one gave any particular choice.

The gynecologist visited on collective prophylactic examinations, and the fear that you will be deceived and cursed remains with some for life. Therefore, the inexhaustible flow of advice that women transmit to each other. In the recommendations that usually sound like the criteria for choosing a good doctor, we tried to highlight the most frequent and disassemble, to what extent they are justified.

Friend’s friend doctor

The doctor on the recommendation – what could be better? So many people consider and begin to play hard at the Pathfinders, studying the flow of conversations on the forums in an attempt to find the one doctor who, best of all, heals, for example, thrush in the city.

This is a right thing: of the doctors we interviewed, many indeed noted that patients come to them on the advice. This is not bad: if there is a competent and attentive doctor who cures an ailment, it is not a sin to send him to a friend. But doctors note some excesses.

For example, a woman has a cycle violation. And instead of going to the doctor for a long time for primary consultation, she is looking through acquaintances for sure the best gynecologist-endocrinologist with a lot of practice. Such “omniscience” can turn into a waste of time: instead of being started by a doctor, even a district doctor,

In addition, there is another purely psychological nuance. About him reminded Rauza Loginova, MD, gynecologist and endocrinologist of the medical center “Catharsis”.

Women tend to choose a doctor on the emotional criteria: the doctor liked – it means good, and he is credited with positive professional qualities. 

This can be used by an unscrupulous doctor who needs to be held by the patient at any cost. So before you go to the “best specialist in the city”, think about who exactly called it the best and why.

Degree of trust

“We have a certain category of patients who choose only doctors with academic degrees, statuses,” says Irina Danilina, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the Zdravitsa Center. It really attracts: after all, the academic degree in our minds is strongly associated with higher professionalism.

Some women so choose a doctor easier: armed with a directory, you can look for doctors on the title: at least some kind of guarantee. Obviously, a person with a Ph.D. or a doctoral degree can not be ignorant. But doctors advise to prioritize a little differently: “A doctor who is engaged in science can be a wonderful specialist, and maybe, on the contrary, lose those human properties that are very important when choosing a gynecologist,” says Rauza Loginova.

“It also happens that after obtaining a degree, doctors cease to accept any criticism and do not tolerate objections. In general, we even have such a saying – learn from the professor, and get treatment from the practice, “she sums up, recommending that she learn not so much the names of scientific works as the general medical experience of a specialist’s practice.

Expensive and angry

One more thesis: in municipal hospitals there are no good doctors, because all good have long gone into private medicine. The moment is also controversial. Here the question is not in the qualification:

“I can not say that the professionalism of doctors in private centers is higher. Yet we get one education and we have all the same opportunities to improve our qualification every five years, – considers Irina Danilina, once again recommending paying attention to the accents: in her practice, women go to a private clinic not always because they had a lot of negative experience with municipal doctors.

They go for the service: to stand in line for the coupon for us has already become something of a past life, and very few people want to go through it. To hand over at once all analyzes, to pass or take place inspection and a course of procedures in one place – here for what women pay. It is not forbidden, however, to take tests in more democratic places, and with results to go to the paid doctor. Everywhere you can find a compromise.

Analyze this

In the 21st century I want to use all the achievements of modern medicine. Therefore, women are increasingly putting forward such thesis: the doctor should immediately examine as much as possible to treat well. Women, following the principle of “the better the better” are in the grip of maximalism. “Every woman has a definite opinion on her problem. It happens that she reads information on the Internet and comes to the doctor, having a list of necessary, in her opinion, analysis.

Begins to dictate what to do to the doctor. This is a wrong approach, “says Irina Danilina, telling that in the treatment of doctors are guided by certain standards, and not with every disease you need to go through” the whole complex of modern diagnostics. ” There is a certain minimum amount of research in each case, and the physician is guided by him at the primary admission. If further research is required, the doctor is unlikely to hide them from you. It does not always make sense to shoot a cannon on sparrows, only if you learned on the Internet that some disease is insidious and it needs to be looked for by ten different methods. Sometimes it’s worth it to be simpler and trust the doctor.

The medical question

It’s no secret that gynecologists rarely prescribe one pill to cure an illness. Usually the set of medicines is very extensive, and among them there are a lot of expensive means. This leads to the suggestion that some drugs from the prescribed can be neglected, for example, by some vitamins or auxiliary candles.

“Failures in treatment are often associated with the fact that the patient does not strictly follow all the doctor’s recommendations,” complains Rauza Loginova.”For example, we are treating an infection, and a woman drinks only a course of antibiotics, that is, the main drugs, and on the rest saves.”

In order not to get into a situation where money is paid, but there’s no sense, doctors call: do not be ashamed to immediately admit your capabilities (today doctors ask about it even in paid clinics): the doctor always has the opportunity to compose a new scheme from more accessible drugs, pills have to drink longer or more often. Or to tinker with home baths. But get the effect. In the end, if the doctor does not prescribe a prescription for you on the letterhead of a particular pharmacy, he is only interested in curing you. Be healthy!

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